Ask the Coach #7 – Die optimale Position der Halswirbelsäule beim Kreuzheben

Ask the Coach #7 - The optimal position of the cervical spine when deadlifting

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Question: What should the gaze position and thus the position of the cervical spine be like when deadlifting? In photos of you, I always see that the person exercising is looking forward and slightly overstretching the cervical spine. However, I have been told several times that it is better to keep the cervical spine neutral, is that so?

WU: Correct in theory. But not in practice. A slight extension of the cervical spine - cervical spine for short - as demonstrated in the picture, makes it easier to maintain the optimal position of the lumbar spine - lumbar spine for short. Since the lumbar spine absorbs the primary and above all significantly higher forces in relation to the cervical spine when deadlifting, I prefer an optimal position to this. A neutral cervical position is for guys deadlifting two 40-pound plates. Anyone who lifts heavy overstretches the cervical spine slightly in order to maintain the optimal position of the lumbar spine and thus move heavier loads more safely. Thousands of weightlifting videos, most notably Pyrros Dimas, Ilya Ilyn, Dmitry Klokov and Naim Suleymanoglu, provide impressive evidence of this clinical gem.

Pyrros Dimas demonstrates the technique of the power clean (move to a standing position)

Ilya Ilyin with the clean and clean jerk world record (242kg in the 105kg weight class)

Dmitry Klokov - cleans with 215kg in training

Naim Suleymanoglu – “The Pocket Hercules” – at 180 kg clean & clean and jerk (in the 60 kg weight class)

Good luck with optimizing your deadlift technique!

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Image: YPSI Coach Goran Sirovina in the starting position of the LH deadlift with a slight hyperextension of the cervical spine.

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