„Ask the Coach“ – Eine Leseprobe

"Ask the Coach" - A sample reading

What does the Ask the Coach book say?

It is filled with worth knowing answers to...

…50 essential questions from everyday training

• What is the correct way to do squats?
• Is it true that barbell overhead presses are bad for the shoulders?
• Is counting calories really worth it?
• How do you overcome plateaus?
• Is non-alcoholic beer an ideal sports drink, or is it a myth?

There are many questions you ask yourself if you want to successfully exercise or lose weight. And you don't always have an experienced coach like Wolfgang Unsöld at your side to help you. This book now closes this gap, in which the currently most successful trainer in Germany takes up and answers the questions that his customers have asked him in recent years.

Ask the Coach clears up the most common myths and misconceptions and shows you how you can make visible progress in the shortest possible time. Benefit from Unsöld's extensive know-how, which top athletes from Germany and abroad swear by.

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