Before’n’After Interview #56 – Murat Celik

Before'n'After Interview #56 – Murat Celik

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your everyday life

MC: My name is Murat Celik, I'm 30 years old. I've been married for 7 years and I have a daughter who is 6 years old. I've been working as a supplier for 10 years and in my free time I play football in a club and regularly go to the gym. At the weekend I like to do something with my family.

How did you come across the Before'n'After program?
MC: Through my friend Sebastian Rudolf's Facebook profile (Note: Click here for Sebastian's Before'n'After Interview).

Which sport did you do before the Before'n'After program?
MC: Football and fitness.

What motivated you to start and follow the program?
MC: I've been training for 10 years, unfortunately always without a plan and this success. When I Before'n'After seeing photos of Sebastian, it motivated me and made me curious at the same time. So I decided to do that too.

How did your sleep develop during the program?
MC: I sleep like a log now.

How did your energy level develop during the program?
MC: My energy and motivation level just doubled or tripled. I'm just a lot more active and feel better.

What was the biggest change for you?
MC: The biggest change for me was the food.

What's your favorite breakfast?
MC: Omlett - 5 eggs fried in Irish butter and 50 grams of feta cheese on top, yummy!

How often and for how long did you train?
MC: From the day I started, I trained 4 times a week for about 1 hour.

What is your favorite exercise?
MC: My favorite exercise is definitely the squat.

Have you also done endurance training to lose fat?
MC: I didn't do endurance training.

What is the reaction of your environment to the change in the last few weeks/months?
MC: Only positive things about my environment

And what happens now?
MC: I'm sticking to my plan and will continue to visit my coach Wolfgang Unsöld in the future!!!


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