Before'n'After #13/14 - Frederick Luethcke

Before'n'After #13/14 - Frederick Luethcke

In 2.5 weeks the U18 Rugby European Championship will start in Madrid and Frederick Luethcke (18) is in top form on time

July 2011 93.7kg 12.9%
October 2011 103.8kg 9.6%
March 2012 103.5kg 8.3%

Lean mass +13.6kg

Back squat +90kg
CloseGrip Bench Press +42.5kg

8 months - Lots of food, hard work and heavy workouts....
U18 national rugby player Frederick Lüthcke (17) from SRC Stuttgart reduced his body fat from 12.9% to 9.6% in 11 weeks of summer training and added 11.8 kg of lean mass (body weight 93.7 kg to 103.8 kg)
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