A postcard from the Strength and Mass Holiday

A postcard from the Strength and Mass Holiday

Its been 2 months since Ivan Simic went on a 3 week Strength and Mass Holiday. Calling for 10 workouts on 5 days per week he originally planned two weeks. As I had clients do two weeks before he decided to set the bar higher and go for three weeks. He started out at 97kg. After 27 workouts in three weeks it was time to rest and recover. Four days after the final workout he reached the 110kg mark while still losing almost 1% body fat. A tremendous feat. Setting new personal records in over a dozen lifts such as:

BB Back Squat, heels elevated – from 200kg for 1 repetition to 230kg for 2 repetitions

BB Front Squat – from 180kg for 2 repetitions to 200kg for 2 repetitions

BB Flat Benchpress, shoulderwidth grip – from 135kg for 3 repetitions to 161kg for 1 repetition

Dips with Fat Gripz – from 99kg plus 30kg for 6 repetitions to 107kg plus 40kg for 7 repetitions

Reverse EZ Bar Curls, standing, shoulder width grip – from 55 kg for 1 repetition to 67 kg for 3 repetitions

Last week, 2 months after hitting 110kg he still sat at 108kg maintaining most of the strength and mass gained.

Looking back, it was a great time training, not only with a lot of strength and mass gained, eating food, and lying on the couch between workouts, he also took a bunch of lessons or in the case of a holiday "memories" away .

10 "memories" Ivan took away from the Strength and Mass Holiday are:

1. Such a high frequency and volume was much easier to handle than expected. Training was priority. Everything evolved around it for the three weeks.

2. Tight muscles are small muscles. Daily stretching and using the YPSI Tool helped a lot to stay loose and grow.

3. A lot helps a lot. eat big sleep big elevator big In order to get big. Not that new. Still a great reminder of how well it works when you set your mind to it.

4. The Quest Hero Bar is the best tasting protein bar ever.

5. You want to get bigger faster and stay lean, do more squats. It works.

6. Chinups and Pullups where the first and only exercise to regress after 2.5 weeks. Even when calculating total weight moved, considering my increase in bodyweight. All other exercises went up in weight.

7. Getting a slow cooker for food prep was the best investment of the year.

8. Food that tastes great is much easier to eat. Which is important when eating as much as you need to during the Strength and Mass Holiday. Hence the slow cooker.

9. Oatmeal is my new favorite prebed meal. Easy to make. Easy to eat. Tastes great. And I sleep like a baby after.

10. Carbs are your best friend when gaining size. If you deserve them.

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All the Best packing on Strength and Mass!

Picture: Pictures from Ivan's Strength and Mass Holiday.

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