Die Bestimmung der individuellen Kohlenhydrattoleranz durch die YPSI Hautfaltenmessung

The determination of the individual carbohydrate tolerance by the YPSI skinfold measurement

One of the most common reasons for the JoJo effect is: Eating carbohydrates (again) too early. Too soon means eating them before you earn them. Earned usually means your body fat percentage is still too high and your muscle mass and activity level are too low to store carbohydrates as glycogen in your muscles or liver. Which in turn means that these carbohydrates are primarily stored as body fat.

With the YPSI skin fold measurement, however, not only can the body fat percentage be determined as a percentage, but based on the 13 individual skin folds it can also be observed at which points the body fat is reduced - or built up - faster or more slowly. Since each skin fold allows statements to be made about a specific metabolic process and parts of the hormonal balance, it can happen that the total body fat percentage is actually still too high to consume more carbohydrates, but the two skin folds that directly correlate with carbohydrate tolerance are so low that it is useful and necessary to increase the amount of carbohydrates in the client's diet in order to make better progress.

These two skin folds mentioned are the shoulder blade and hip folds. A high scapula crease is linked, among other things, to genetic carbohydrate tolerance. This will not change significantly due to the current diet. Someone who is genetically closer to an Inuit than an East African will generally have significantly more energy and lose body fat faster on a diet rich in fish, meat, healthy fats and plants than carbohydrates, while someone with a high carbohydrate tolerance will tends to require more carbohydrates to have more energy and make faster progress.

The hip crease, on the other hand, is related to blood sugar fluctuations triggered by current diet and lifestyle. It's the crease that yields the fastest results when our customers follow their diet and lifestyle goals.

Based on the development of these two skin folds, you can determine even more precisely which nutritional strategy is right for you at the moment. It is another advantage that the YPSI skinfold measurement has over other body fat measurement methods.

The YPSI skinfold measurement is the success accounting of many trained YPSI trainers. It is part of Module 4 , the first module of the YPSI Trainer A license. You can find details on the measurement in my article “ The YPSI skinfold measurement – ​​The best bookkeeping for personal trainers ”.

Have your skin folds measured by a YPSI trainer and show you whether you are on the right track and whether your current lifestyle and diet are a good basis for body fat reduction - and what needs to be changed to move forward.

If you want to have your skin folds measured, you can find a YPSI trainer near you right here via the YPSI trainer search

All YPSI A license trainers and many YPSI B license trainers offer the YPSI skinfold measurement.

If you would like to learn the YPSI skinfold measurement yourself in order to be able to use this tried and tested tool for success accounting, register here for the YPSI nutrition, hormones & skinfold measurement (module 4) seminar:

Good luck with the YPSI skinfold measurement to determine the individual carbohydrate tolerance!

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