Essen und Training an Weihnachten – So gehts…

Eating and training at Christmas - Here's how...

Christmas is around the corner again. Christmas food is always a big topic. What? How much? Yes? Or no? Or never mind?

Basically, Christmas is 2.5 days out of 365 days a year. Mathematically, less than 1% of the meals. And that's not really a big issue. arithmetically. Nonetheless, it is always a big topic.

Some of the tips I give my clients every year are:

1. Eat Protein - Protein is crucial. Not only for regeneration from training. But also for satiety and blood sugar management. The more constant the blood sugar, the less cravings and the lower the carbohydrate consumption. Marzipan balls and gingerbread are ok at Christmas. Whether 3 or 10 makes no difference from the point of view of enjoyment. However, it does make a difference in terms of body fat percentage and hips. The more constant the blood sugar and the more saturated you are, the higher the probability that it is 3 and not 10. That's why protein is so crucial. It saturates more than any other macronutrient and keeps blood sugar steady. So start every meal with protein. Whether it's eggs, roast goose, prosciutto cotto or a protein smoothie made from protein powder, frozen berries and water. Eat protein at the beginning of each meal.

2. Pleasure is important - Pleasure is a word that is often used in connection with food but rarely considered in detail. Pleasure is by definition a positive sensation coupled with physical and mental well-being. Pleasure slows life down. Pleasure reduces stress. Enjoyment leads to a number of positive hormonal and neurochemical reactions. As the German chef Harald Wohlfahrt says: “Food is the only art form that you can feel in your body.” Pleasure is good. By definition, indulgence and gluttony are mutually exclusive. Good food is good. Good food is pleasure. minimize gluttony. maximize enjoyment.

3. Use the time between Christmas and New Year's for training - There are exactly 5 days between Christmas and New Year's. These 5 days are free for many and completely planned for a few. Here it is advisable to train more than usual. To seize the time. Train more is 10 workouts in 5 days. Over a dozen of my clients are planning to do just that. Three of you even go to Vienna to train 10 times in 5 days. May this time between years be one of the most productive of the year. Time for the Strength and Mass Holiday or the Strength and Mass Holiday at home

You can find more tips in my article from last year -> “ Staying in shape over Christmas

Merry Christmas to all readers, relaxing holidays, good training and bon appétit!

Image: Christmas dinner.

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