Iss Tier zum Frühstück

Eat animal for breakfast

A good breakfast is the most important meal and the best way to start the day...

Muesli is considered a classic, healthy variant, something from the bakery, on the other hand, is the quick and easy option. There is usually only time for an egg on weekends.

But is muesli really ideal for having more energy in everyday life and during training? And is a piece of sweet from the bakery really the only quick solution?

Time and again it is recommended to eat carbohydrates such as muesli or wholemeal bread as a source of energy for breakfast. But the plate of pasta for lunch proves the effect of carbohydrates - we then fall asleep in the office. Carbohydrates increase the blood sugar level, which in turn increases the serotonin level in the brain. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter for relaxation and well-being (neurotransmitters carry information between nerve cells). You don't need relaxation in the morning for breakfast. So you should cut out carbohydrates that make you tired in the morning and eat them in the evening instead.

Anyone who avoids carbohydrates in the evening and eats them for breakfast instead will not reduce their weight and body fat in the long term - but their energy level. I noticed one thing in common with all my customers: without exception, the new way of having breakfast brought an energy boost to everyday life. That's why I always ask new customers about breakfast first. And the first meal I optimize for every client is breakfast. Because it has the greatest impact on energy levels of all meals.

One of the main reasons for this is that the first meal of the day determines the neurotransmitter balance - and thus the mental and physical performance for the entire day.

What you need in the morning are the neurotransmitters dopamine and acetylcholine. They are the two neurotransmitters responsible for energy, performance, alertness and drive.

Excellent breakfast options to increase dopamine and acetylcholine, as well as keep your blood sugar and energy levels at their optimum are:

2 to 12 whole eggs scrambled with Himalayan salt, tomatoes and mushrooms fried in Irish butter

Smoked salmon and half an avocado

A beef burger patty and a handful of sunflower seeds

Smoked trout fillet and a handful of roasted salted cashews

Chicken steak and a handful of macadamias

A fillet steak, 2 poached eggs and Bernaise sauce

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Image: Beef carpaccio with sea salt, olive oil, rocket and parmesan for breakfast. Raw meat has an even greater effect on dopamine and optimizes mental and physical performance even better.

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