Mehr Essen für mehr Muskelmasse

More food for more muscle mass

The goal of most people who exercise is not only to reduce body fat, but also to build muscle mass.

Do you want to build muscle mass? The factor on which everything else depends is the amount of food.

If you want to build a big house, you need a lot of concrete. No big house without concrete. You can't gain muscle mass without eating a lot. However, eating a lot is often a challenge for many.

The three most efficient tips to eat more are:

1. Eat larger meals
This is the simplest of all tips. Eat 300g chicken per meal instead of 200g chicken per meal. Use 250g maltodextrin in the post-workout shake instead of 75g maltodextrin. Eat 10 eggs for breakfast instead of 4 eggs for breakfast. Increasing the amount of protein and, where appropriate, carbohydrate consumption at each meal significantly increases the total amount of food eaten per week. And is the easiest way to eat more.

2. Eat more regularly
There are two ways to eat more. In addition to the size of the meals, you can also increase the frequency. 3 meals and 2 snacks is ideal for the average lifter. However, if you build 10+kg muscle mass, you not only have to eat more, but also eat more regularly. Eat 4 meals a day - breakfast, lunch, a 4pm meal and dinner - plus 3 snacks - like a second breakfast, intraworkout aminos and a postworkout shake - for faster muscle mass gains.

3. Rotate foods and preparation methods
Statistically, 90% of the time we eat 12-17 different foods. The more often you eat the same food, the less you will like it. If your favorite food is steak and yams and you eat steak and yams every night, it will be 1-2 weeks before you stop looking at steak and yams. The same applies to chicken, turkey and the other standards. Rotate the foods, especially the protein source. The more you rotate, the easier it is to eat a lot. Use veal, game, pork fillet or some of the more than 30 types of fish that a well-stocked fish wholesaler has on offer. The same applies to the type of preparation. There are many ways of preparation. In particular, a grill and the oven are excellent alternatives to the pan. Put 2.5kg of beef brisket in the oven at 80° for 2.5 hours and you have enough protein for the coming days that is tender and tastes good - without having to wash the pan 3 times a day. Or vary the spices. Curry paste, rosemary and oregano are three spices that go well with most meats. Or make a sesame crust over the chicken. Prepare your own turkey, beef, veal or lamb mince with a meat grinder . The more you vary and the better the food tastes, the easier it is to eat a lot. The more you eat, the easier it is to build muscle.

Eat more, more regularly and differently for more muscle...

Image: Churrasco steak with avocado, beans and rice at Carne y Co in Santo Domingo, DR

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