YPSI Buchempfehlung – „Paleo nach Jahreszeiten“

YPSI Book Recommendation – “Paleo by Seasons”

Nadja Reinmann, personal trainer at Oensingen in Switzerland and the first female trainer to complete the YPSI Trainer A license, is bringing out her second Paleo cookbook – together with Monica Schalt and Constantin Gonzalez – just in time for the Christmas season.

"Paleo according to the seasons" takes you on an exciting journey through a culinary variety of everyday, uncomplicated and smart Paleo recipes in the rhythm of the seasons. These provide natural variety in the diet and provide us with the right micronutrients at the right time.

And not only that! All kinds of things worth knowing and exciting about the respective food and seasonal themes are vividly illustrated. Do you know what you can do with artichokes or why you should eat beetroot raw? The almost endless ways of preparing the spring-like asparagus spears, the autumn pumpkin plants or the winter highlights such as cabbage and co. are explained and packed into surprising creations. Since the subject of going back to nature plays a major role in this book, the special topic of "walking barefoot" should not be left out. To support your healthy lifestyle, you will find valuable basic information, explanations, tips and ideas for effective strength training in a separate sports section that will help keep you fit.

The combination of over 180 exclusive seasonal recipes, modern knowledge and beautiful photographs makes the book an indispensable companion for all (seasonal) times. Get inspired!

Book testimonials

Prof. Dr. Jörg Spitz, Academy for Human Medicine GmbH: “Paleo cookbooks are no longer a rarity. But the current work Paleo by Seasons is something special and does justice to the term "Paleo" beyond cooking. The three authors not only present delicious and typically seasonal recipes, but also refer to Paleo-typical fasting - a very important part of the diet of previous generations and extremely healthy!

Wolfgang Unsöld, Strength Coach & Founder of the YPSI: “Paleo is currently one of the most popular forms of nutrition. If you only read one book about it, then I recommend this one. Because of its practical approach. Because theory without practical implementation is worthless. After an introduction and explanation of the Paleo diet, there are over 180 suitable recipes - for every season and every taste".

Felix Olschewski, author and founder of Urtaste: “The Paleo diet is an effective tool for achieving nutritional goals. Paleo according to the seasons uses clear words to create a compact overview of all practice-relevant elements of the concept and, in addition to numerous recipes, also provides suggestions for the vital aspect of exercise. A sensible starting point for your own adjustments and integration into your individual lifestyle.”

You can get the book in Germany right here...

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