Gute Bücher für die Corona Tage

Good books for the Corona days

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Gyms are closed around the world. Home workouts is restricted. Many coaches are at home.

Fear is a "brain killer".
Learning and productivity are "brain makers".

As John F. Kennedy once said:

"When the word crisis is written in Chinese, the word crisis is made up of two characters - one represents danger, the other represents opportunity . "

As myself, most coaches and many others have a few quiet weeks ahead of them, there is plenty of time to tackle some projects.

And one of my main recommendations is: 

Read books you haven't taken the time to read in the past.

This will easily add up to 100 hours over the next few weeks. Start by reading just 4 hours a day.

After posting this tip on social media a few days ago, I got a few questions about the books I recommended. These are my favorite books for the Corona days:

The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb 

The corona crisis is a black swan. A black swan is a highly unlikely event with three main characteristics: it is unpredictable; it has massive implications; and we invent an explanation afterwards that makes it seem less random and more predictable than it was. Google's amazing success was a black swan; so it was with the attacks of 9/11. For Nassim Nicholas Taleb, black swans underlie almost everything in our world, from the rise of religions to events in our personal lives. Along with structural insights, he gives his thoughts on how to deal with black swans to get the best out of them. Order the book here

The Everything Seller by Brad Stone 

Today, e-commerce is bigger than ever. And when we talk about e-commerce, we have to talk about Amazon. Amazon has started delivering books in the mail. Visionary Amazon founder Jeff Bezos wasn't content with just being a bookseller. He wanted Amazon to become the all-rounder, offering limitless choice and alluring convenience at shockingly low prices. This book tells the story of Amazon and Jeff Bezos from day 1 to today. One of the best business books I've ever read, with lots of practical tips. Order the book here

Agile Periodization by Dr. Mladen Jovanovic 

I met Mladen 2 years ago when we were speaking at the same conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He and Nick Winkelman were the ones who got me into Dr. Read and listen to Jordan Peterson's work. His approaches are very refreshing. As refreshing as this book is about Mladen's views on periodization, the planning of training, especially from a conceptual and philosophical point of view. Order the book here

The Art of Digital Life by Rold Dobelli 

I read Rolf Dobelli's essay on The News Diet years ago and it made a deep impression on me. In 2013, Rolf Dobelli stood in front of a room full of journalists and announced that he would never read the news. This sparked an uprising. In this book, he explains his philosophy on this in detail. To sum it up in a few words: consuming news is not only a waste of time but also destructive. Today, this approach is more important than ever. Order the book here

Undeniable Truth by Mike Tyson 

Mike Tyson is bigger than his sport. He was the first boxer to file pop culture and mainstream. And this book tells the story of his life. The ups and downs, his mental attitude towards boxing and yes it tells a lot of funny stories. Laughter is good for the immune system. That's a bonus these days. It's one of the best biographies I've ever read. Order the book here

Readers are leaders. Investment legend Warren Buffet spends about 80% of his working hours reading. And powerlifting legend Louie Simmons said one of the best tips he can give is "read more." Whether you are an avid reader or not. Now it's time to invest the free time.

Don't let it paralyze you. Let's go. read a book

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