Sneak Preview: MMA Seminar mit UFC Kämpfer Peter Sobotta im YPSI

Sneak Preview: MMA seminar with UFC fighter Peter Sobotta at YPSI

On Saturday, June 25, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to around 6:00 p.m. a seminar will take place at the Your Personal Strength Institute in Stuttgart in cooperation with Peter Sobotta and the YPSI.

Peter Sobotta is an active UFC fighter, currently the German No. 1 welterweight in MMA and trainer of the currently most successful German MMA team "Planet Eater". He is a MMA pioneer in Germany and has been fighting for 12 years. He has been a professional MMA fighter for 6 years. Peter is signed to the UFC - short for Ultimate Fighting Championship - the world's largest MMA organizer and market leader.

In terms of content, from MMA basics to nutrition and supplements, competition preparation and strength training for more power in MMA, all the topics relevant to fighters, trainers and those interested in MMA are covered by Peter Sobotta and YPSI Head Coach Wolfgang Unsöld. In addition, there will then be an hour's opportunity to ask the two of their own questions on the subject of MMA-specific training and nutrition.

One of the reasons why Peter has come so far in his sport is that he trains smart instead of just training hard. Below are a few examples from his experience: 

Why Peter recommends a maximum of 4 exercises in multiple sets, with tendencies to lower reps, heavier weight, and longer rest periods, rather than circuit training

As an MMA fighter you have to train many different disciplines and skills and it is easy to overtrain due to the high training workload. Circuit training, ie doing many exercises with many repetitions without a break, is very popular with many fighters because it improves endurance. However, so does sparring and interval training. Since you as a fighter have to do sparring anyway, it makes more sense to train your strength in strength training. That means concentrating on a few basic exercises such as squats, dips or pull-ups and getting stronger in them.

This involves doing fewer reps (6 reps or less) with a tendency to heavier weight and longer rest periods between sets. If you do 5-6 sets of an exercise, you'll get better at that exercise than if you only do 3-4 sets. Just as you train your jab and low kick repeatedly to perfect technique and explosiveness, these aspects of intelligently executed strength exercises improve as you do more heavy reps and, consequently, more heavy sets. This will give you more power, which will have a positive effect on your punching power and your MMA skills.

Coming back from injuries quickly - as a fighter, injuries are inevitable. Peter's tips for quick recovery from injuries

Find a good physiotherapist for the rehab and then a good strength trainer for the build-up training. Resting too long is not good for a fighter. Load yourself back up quickly – but not too quickly. Targeted, intelligent loading is the solution. In addition, you will usually always be able to train some part of the body that is not injured. Is your foot broken? Do bench presses or single leg curls. is your hand broken Train legs and healthy arm. Training around it is much better than not training at all.

You will learn more tips and tricks as well as training and nutrition methods and experiences from the life of a professional martial artist at the seminar...

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Image: Peter Sobotta at an MMA seminar in the boxing gym in Coepenick

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