Was Kopfweh mit der Darmgesundheit zu tun haben kann

What headaches can have to do with gut health

It has been proven that headaches and complaints of the gastrointestinal tract are often connected. People who often have headaches suffer from functional disorders of the gastrointestinal tract more often than average, and vice versa, people with gastrointestinal diseases are more frequently affected by headaches than people without gastrointestinal diseases.

If the intestinal flora is damaged by permanently increased cortisol (stress), antibiotics, environmental toxins or food intolerances, the so-called "leaky gut" syndrome can occur. Toxins from food, cosmetics, water and the environment can no longer be completely excreted through the intestines and penetrate the bloodstream. If the liver then cannot break down these toxins quickly enough, they are passed to the brain and irritate the brain tissue. In the brain, the microglial cells are responsible for eliminating toxins. The maturation and activation of the microglia is dependent on short-chain fatty acids (especially butyrate) as an energy supplier, which are only secreted by an intact microflora in the intestine. Thus, the intestinal flora and intestinal health has an influence on the reduction of the toxins to which the liver and brain are exposed.

If you look at the axis brain-liver-intestine, it can make sense to cleanse the intestine if you have frequent headaches, the cause of which cannot be determined. With the YPSI skinfold measurement, intestinal problems are made visible via the abdominal fold. We do intestinal rehabilitation with all of our customers and athletes in the medium term, as a fit intestine is crucial for optimal progress in terms of energy levels, muscle building and body fat reduction as well as for physical and cognitive performance. Individual dietary requirements, supplements and lifestyle adjustments are used for this. A probiotic is good, but it's just the icing on the cake. In order to successfully cleanse the intestines, the causes that damage the intestines must be eliminated and the mobilization and elimination of toxins must be ensured. This procedure is also referred to as the 4 Rs - Remove, Replace, Repair and Repopulate.

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