Die Formel für mehr Erfolg beim Training

The formula for more success in training

Most of the customers who come to us at the YPSI have been training for a number of years, but mostly without significant success. Be it fat reduction, strength increase and of course muscle building - hypertrophy. The fact is, if you want to lose fat and build strength and muscle, you have to change more than just your training...

The formula for more success in training is simple:

1st workout

Progression is key. For progression in strength training, the "damage" to the muscles is crucial. The muscle is only forced to grow if the muscle fibers are "injured" during training. One of the most important factors in recruiting many phases is using the full range of motion. A larger range of motion recruits more muscles and thus tires/injures them. The result: more muscle damage. More damage is the basis for more muscle mass and more strength gains. You achieve exactly this effect through the most diverse variations of the training plan - variation of exercises, grip, speed and the set/repetition scheme.

2. Nutrition

Diet is easy. You must eat. Enjoy your meal. And that several times a day. Fish, meat, vegetables and healthy fats in a wide variety of combinations are the basis. Carbohydrates are also important. The amount of carbohydrates depends on various factors. And if you want to build muscle mass, one thing is always the solution - eat more, much more. If you want to change your diet, it is best to start with breakfast. You can read how this works here

3. Sleep

Exercising hard and eating healthy has an effect. However, if you go to bed late and never sleep more than six hours a night, you are wasting a lot of progress. Muscle building may work in the short term, but in the long run it won't work. sleep is important. There is no substitute for good sleep. Sleep is extremely important for regeneration, which is why the lights should be switched off before 11 p.m. "Sleep well" sounds easy, but it's often not. By taking magnesium before bed, you can fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. Other supplements such as B vitamins and inositol are crucial, depending on the case, to quickly improve sleep. In the YPSI shop there are the YPSI Magnesium Capsules and the YPSI Inositol plus Magnesium that every YPSI customer and athlete uses.

In the seminars "YPSI Functional Anatomy and Exercise Execution" and "YPSI Program Design", modules 2 and 3 of the YPSI Trainer License, YPSI Head Coach Wolfgang Unsöld shows the most important and most efficient exercises and exercise variations, their effect on the recruitment of muscle fibers and optimal design of Training programs and training phases considering all training parameters and exercise progressions.

He goes into detail about nutrition, supplementation and sleep in Module 4 of the YPSI Trainer License, the YPSI Nutrients, Hormones and the Nervous System .

For an assessment of your carbohydrate needs, your sleep quality and a new training program, as well as much more, the YPSI coaches are available to you at any time - you can make an appointment here

Picture: Rugby national player Frederick Lüthcke was the first before'n'after picture published in 2011 after the opening of the YPSI. The foundation for 80+ more before'n'after transformations.

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