Erfahrungsbericht: „Training Weekend“

Field report: "Training Weekend"

Here is a report on the "Upper Body Weekend" by Mirco Burger, the current German champion in natural bodybuilding and personal trainer.

Mirco's conclusion of the Upper Body Training Weekend in numbers:

+ 2.2 kg fat-free mass
– 1.5% body fat

1st measurement Friday morning after getting up, before the first workout
2nd measurement Sunday morning after two days of training
3rd measurement Monday morning after rest day on Sunday

Mirco's feedback:

"Impossible? I will measure again in a week and follow the adjustment.
I think more would have been possible, but I kept the specified amount of carbohydrates at the lowest limit, which still meant a number of calories of 6000 per day. The next time, maybe the arm weekend, or the squat weekend, it will be more exhausted.

100% nutrition, 100% regeneration form the basis,
100% training and 100% supplementation accelerate progress...

In addition to the bare numbers, it can be reported that the form became increasingly worse during the course of Friday, especially in the evening after the 4th workout and a huge amount of carbohydrates. This is also reflected in the skinfold measurement (hip fold + abdominal fold).
From Saturday morning, however, things changed into a positive one, the training sessions brought about an unbelievable muscle feeling and a permanent pump that has lasted to this day.

On Monday morning we are in great form. I'm looking forward to the further adjustment, especially the strength gains.

8 upper body workouts with a very high frequency and volume in two days (Friday + Saturday) left their mark, because a total of 44 sets of pull-ups in different variations were performed.

This is reflected in severe muscle soreness in the back up to the lat attachment, in the rear shoulder, the chest and shoulder muscles and also the arms, although these were not trained directly.

In this sense, I can absolutely recommend this experience, especially for those who want to achieve the greatest possible progress in the shortest possible time. Even more time, then the Strength & Mass Holiday, the Arm Holiday or the Squat Holiday would also be highly recommended. Here, however, at least 5 days of vacation are required.”

Good luck with the training weekend!

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Picture: A collage with pictures of Mirco and Mirco's food and supplements during the training weekend.

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