Integriere das Assault Air Bike in Dein Training für schnelleren Körperfettabbau

Integrate the Assault Air Bike into your training for faster body fat loss

The Assault Air Bike is the only direct cardio training tool we use at YPSI. It's a kind of mix of a fan like on a rowing ergometer, handles like on a cross trainer and pedals like on a spinning bike. By stepping on the pedals and alternately pressing and pulling the handles, the entire body is used to generate more air resistance with the fan at high movement speeds.

The 5 main advantages of the Assault Air Bike over other cardio machines are:

1. Progressive, Customized Resistance - Resistance increases with increasing cadence and number of revolutions, and is adjusted to the exerciser's strength level. In this way, the bike adapts to the strength level of the user. Whether you're doing 50kg or 200kg, intervals on the Assault Air Bike won't be easy.

2. Easy accounting of progress - The Assault Air Bike display shows the distance covered, the time and your own performance in watts. The watt number record in the YPSI is held by YPSI coach Goran Sirovina, who kicked 1999 watts... that's all the display shows. Based on his best squat of 211kg, another example of why maximum strength is the mother of all strength qualities.

3. Simple programming option for intervals - Among other things, 4-minute Tabata intervals in 8×10/20 or 8×20/10 (load/rest) can be set at the push of a button and further individual intervals can be programmed. That saves looking at the clock.

4. A better posture - the posture is better than on a bicycle ergometer or spinning bike due to the higher hand grips, and the duration of the load is also much shorter. This not only has a direct effect on posture, but also indirectly on hormone balance and regeneration. A very good contribution to the research of Dr. Amy Cuddy on that here .

5. Training efficiency – Especially at the end of a neural training session, the wheel offers the option of a high metabolic stimulus within a maximum of four minutes without negatively affecting the effect of the 50+ minutes before in quality or quantity. Minimum investment of time and energy. Maximum output.

The Assault Air Bike is easy to integrate into training. In YPSI we use it primarily as a finisher at the end of training or as part of a circuit.

Here are the two options we use most often:

As a finisher at the end of the workout:

10sec full throttle, 20sec easy, repeat 8 times. Modified tabata intervals to get you started.

Or 20sec full throttle, 10sec easy, repeat 8 times. As a classic tabata interval. Complete.

As part of circuit training:

A1 pull-ups, supinated, max reps with lbs, 4010 tempo, 10s rest

A2 LH squat, 8-12 reps, 4010 tempo, 10s rest

A3 Assault Air Bike, 45s max distance, 180s rest

Repeat this tri-set 6 to 10 times

If you have the opportunity to train on the Assault Air Bike, use it. The experience will leave a lasting impression.

Have fun and success training with the Assault Air Bike!

Image: The Air Assault Bike at the YPSI.

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