The entry check

Info and process of the incoming check & the Before'n'After program

Each appointment basically includes a YPSI skinfold measurement & analysis, nutrition & supplement recommendations and a training program.

YPSI skinfold measurement

We use the measurement of 13 skin folds for success accounting and hormone balance assessment. For one thing, measuring the skin folds with a pair of forceps, which pinpoints skin fold thickness to within 0.1mm, is an excellent indicator of body fat percentage. Almost all body fat is stored under the skin. The percentage of body fat is calculated from the sum of the 13 skin folds, and thus the lean mass in relation to body weight.

On the other hand, measuring the thickness of the skin folds and the body fat at 13 points gives us a precise overview of the body fat distribution. Body fat distribution is not arbitrary, but is primarily determined by the hormonal balance. By measuring the 13 skin folds, we can draw conclusions about the hormone balance. Since the hormone balance controls many functions in the body, the skinfold measurement gives us an initial answer to the following questions:

- How deep is your sleep?
- How good is the regeneration?
- How high is the testosterone level?
- How fast is the metabolism?
- How effective is the individual stress management?
- How high is the genetic carbohydrate tolerance?
- What is your current carbohydrate tolerance?

The skinfold measurement also provides information on a few other points. This enables us to control training, nutrition and supplements even more individually.


When it comes to nutrition, we follow a step-by-step approach. This is easier, more efficient and more sustainable. This means we change one meal per appointment. And always start with breakfast at the check-in. And only breakfast. Changing a meal is enough to make very good progress. And on the coming appointments, lunch, dinner and snacks will follow. This approach enables more constant and sustainable success.


Supplement recommendations are made based on the YPSI skinfold measurement. We have many supplements, such as our YPSI supplements, in stock directly at the YPSI. You can take them with you to the appointment. Some others can simply be ordered online - in this case we will send you a link to the product.

There are only two products that we recommend regardless of the measurement. The YPSI MultiComplex with Zinc or the YPSI MultiDrink with Zinc and the YPSI Vitamin D/K Complex. All other supplements depend on the YPSI skinfold measurement and individual feedback and mostly change with each checkup.

As a rule, we recommend 2 to 3 supplements plus multi and vitamin D/K. This has proven to be the most efficient and effective approach.


During the initial check, the first training program is created based on the current status and individual goals. We also go through a sentence of each exercise in the YPSI to clarify the execution and technique as well as any questions.

A new training program is always created for each check-up. If necessary, we go through a sentence of each new exercise in the YPSI to clarify the execution and technique as well as any questions.

The optimization of the exercise execution based on videos created by the customer during the ongoing training is also an optional part of the program.

Sequence of the Before'n'After program

After the initial check, further checkups take place every 3 to 4 weeks.

At least one of these checkups takes place every 3 to 4 months at the YPSI in Stuttgart.

Depending on availability and travel route, they can also take place via email.

The first package includes any number of checkups within 6 months of the initial check.

After the first 6 months of the first package, there is of course the option of continued support.

Following the first package, we offer the following packages:

1 check-up (a 20 to 30 min.) - 150 euros

3 checkups (each 20 to 30 minutes) - 375 euros

6 check-ups (each 20 to 30 minutes) - 590 euros

If there are any further questions about the process and beyond, Wolfgang will be happy to answer them during the incoming check.