The YPSI Anti-Doping Policy

In sport, doping can not only make the difference between victory and defeat, it can also end a career and impair health.

The use of supplements is widespread in many sports - from running and cycling to soccer and bodybuilding. 

And it's not limited to elite athletes and professionals. 

Dietary supplements have also become indispensable in the everyday training of recreational and competitive athletes.

However, dietary supplements sometimes contain banned substances and mislabeled ingredients - just ask the many top athletes who have been suspended from their sports due to accidental doping or even ended their careers through positive doping tests. 

While suspension of competitions is a problem for top athletes, it is not the biggest risk for most athletes and consumers.

Because there are a number of doping substances that are associated with damage to health.

In particular, unintentional contamination of food supplements with doping substances is more common than is often assumed.

In 2004, a study funded by the International Olympic Committee and published in the International Journal of Sports Medicine found that 15 percent of 634 tested dietary supplements from 13 countries contained steroids banned in sports, none of which were declared on the label (1).

For many amateur and competitive athletes, doping has no legal consequences. Nevertheless, who would want to unknowingly ingest substances that fall under the Medicines Act?

The YPSI is a leading global provider of products and education for training and nutrition with one mission:

"More competence and innovation for more success in training"

Part of this mission is to meet the highest quality and purity standards in the field of dietary supplements, which far exceed the legally required requirements.

All food supplements in the YPSI line are produced exclusively in Germany under the strictest food law guidelines. In certified companies that do not process prohormones, steroids, stimulants and other doping substances. In this way, contact and contamination with these doping substances can be ruled out in the manufacturing, processing and sales process. 

All dietary supplements in the YPSI line are also tested dietary supplements under the NEM-Control® quality seal and have undergone an external legal examination by a nutritional committee.

Additionally, we perform laboratory analysis on 286 doping substances such as steroids, stimulants, diuretics and SARMs, the test reports of which can be found below.

For more security for our customers.

The test reports

YPSI MultiComplex with zinc - The test report - The product

YPSI MultiDrink with zinc - The test report - The product

YPSI Magnesium Tri-Complex - The Test Report - The Product

YPSI Inositol Complex - The Test Report - The Product

YPSI AminoElectrolyte Complex - The Test Reports - The Product

YPSI Vitamin D/K Complex - The Test Report - The Product

More test reports will follow.

(1) H. Geyer1 , MK Parr1 , U. Mareck1 , U. Reinhart1 , Y. Schrader1 , W. Schänzer1. Analysis of Non-Hormonal Nutritional Supplements for Anabolic-Androgenic Steroids - Results of an International Study . Int J Sports Med 2004; 25(2):124-129. DOI: 10.1055/s-2004-819955