The YPSI skinfold measurement

"What gets measured, gets managed"

This quote from management expert Peter Drucker describes the way the YPSI works in relation to training weights and the YPSI skinfold measurement. Because progress, regression or standstill can only be documented objectively and precisely if you have standardized measurement methods and the figures determined with them for your accounting.

With the YPSI skinfold measurement, the thickness of a total of 13 skinfolds from the chin to the calf is measured using a caliper. Since almost all body fat is stored subcutaneously, i.e. under the skin, the percentage of body fat and in relation to body weight and lean mass can be calculated.

Such accounting is extremely important if you as a trainer want to see if your clients are on the right track. Since the distribution of body fat is not random, but primarily depends on the hormonal balance, the reasons for possible plateaus or setbacks can be identified and strategies for further progress can be determined in addition to confirming a successful training and nutrition strategy. Is sleep the primary deficit or is it blood sugar fluctuations? Are testosterone levels high or low? Is metabolism fast or slow? What is the genetic carbohydrate tolerance? And much more…

Three other reasons to use the YPSI skinfold measurement are as follows:

1. Objectivity - the YPSI skinfold measurement is objective. This is an advantage over a mirror or scales, which, due to the lack of differentiation between body weight and body fat, do not allow any objective statement to be made about the type of mass lost. Body fat scales are also error-prone due to the current fluid balance and the formula used and are therefore not ideal.

2. Accuracy – YPSI skinfold measurement measures skinfolds with an accuracy of 0.1 mm. And even 1 mm less per fold is not visible in the mirror. However, 13mm total spread across all folds makes a big difference. Since body fat reduction is never exclusively local, but always global, a measurement can show you whether you are on the right track and whether your current lifestyle allows body fat reduction before it becomes visible in the mirror. Changing things that actually work too soon is a common mistake that many people make. In order to ensure the accuracy of the measurement, the focus of the skinfold measurement workshop as part of the module 4 seminar is on the standardization of caliper and skinfold positions.

3. Individuality - the YPSI skinfold measurement makes it possible to choose a targeted protocol based on the priorities measured for you, with which your skinfolds can best be reduced. As already mentioned, the distribution of body fat on the body is not random. For example, body fat at the hip is linked to blood sugar fluctuations, but body fat at the belly fat is linked to cortisol management, sleep quality, and gut health. Based on the 13 skin folds, the best protocol can be determined individually.

So if person A has 20% body fat, priority is their hip crease, person B also has 20% body fat, but their priority is their abdominal crease, two different protocols are needed to make optimal progress and lose body fat and build muscle mass as quickly as possible, and taking training and performance to the next level.

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All YPSI A license trainers and many YPSI B license trainers offer the YPSI skinfold measurement.

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