YPSI Seminars - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I book individual seminars?

Yes, the seminars can be booked independently of each other.

Do the modules/seminars have to be completed in your specific order?

All modules are self-contained, ie the order can be chosen freely.

Is there more detailed information about the individual contents?

You can find detailed information about each seminar in the menu under Seminars when you click on the respective seminar.

How high is the investment for the individual seminars and the complete training?

The prices for the individual seminars are given on YPSI.de under seminars for each individual seminar. The prices for the same seminar can vary from location to location. You can calculate the investment for the complete training based on the individual modules.

Is there a discount if you book several seminars at once?

Yes. If you book 4+ seminars at once as a package, we give a package discount of 5%. In this case - when booking a package - the cancellation of individual modules or a partial refund of the package is not possible. Transfer to another date is possible. The total amount of the package must be received by us in full within 10 working days of booking. Partial payment of a package is not possible. Packages cannot be created retrospectively for seminars that have already been booked/attended. Package prices are only possible for the modules of the YPSI certification.

Is there a discount for groups?

Yes. For groups of 5+ people we give a group discount of 15%. In this case - in the case of a group booking - the cancellation of individual participants or a refund of the seminar for individual or all participants is not possible. The transfer to another date or another person is possible. The total amount of the group booking must be received by us in full from the person organizing the group within 10 working days of booking. Partial payment of a group booking is not possible.

Where can I find the next dates?

The next dates for each seminar can be found on the respective seminar page at the bottom. You can find the individual seminar pages when you click on the respective seminar in the menu under Seminars .

Are there any recommended readings for each topic?

Yes, you can find the overview of the recommended literature here .

What does the thesis and exam for the YPSI Trainer A license look like?

The final exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, which are answered online at a freely selectable time. 90% of the questions must be answered correctly and based on this, a pass/fail is given. After answering each question, it automatically appears whether the selected answer was correct and if not, which answer is correct also appears directly. The thesis and examination can be repeated if the student fails. The processing fee per thesis and examination as well as the entry in the YPSI trainer search is 149 euros plus statutory VAT.