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Your best training - 150 tips from Germany's most successful coach

Your best training - 150 tips from Germany's most successful coach

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Your best training - 150 tips from Germany's most successful coach

By Wolfgang Unsold (Author)

When it comes to athletic performance, it is often small factors that decide victory or defeat, success or failure. It is not simply the athlete with the greatest training volume that prevails, but the one who trains optimally but not more than necessary, who sleeps well and restfully, eats a performance-enhancing diet and is supplied with all the important nutrients. It is not uncommon for small adjustments to the training or nutrition plan to prevent low performance and compensate for physical weaknesses. The Stuttgart professional trainer Wolfgang Unsöld is currently one of the most sought-after experts when it comes to performance-oriented strength and conditioning training. The experienced personal trainer and strength coach looks after most top athletes across Europe, including many soccer players and UFC fighter Peter Sobotta, Ju-Jitsu world champion Romy Korn and 100-meter sprinter Sven Knipphals. In this book he collects his best advice and strategies for maximum training success, including many innovative but scientifically proven and tried and tested insider tips. In the three chapters T4aining, nutrition and sleep, Unsöld explains which small or large changes in daily routine, training routine and menu the reader can use to maximize his athletic performance. He has put together an indispensable collection of valuable tips for all those who want to achieve more when training, from ambitious athletes to professional athletes and coaches.

Paperback: 160 pages
Publisher : Riva (April 11, 2016)
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3868838783
ISBN-13: 978-3868838787
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