3 Things to take away from this weekends YPSI Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Bob Rakowski

3 Things to take away from this weekends YPSI Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Bob Rakowski

This weekend the first ever YPSI Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Bob Rakowski will take place at the YPSI in Stuttgart with attendants from all over Germany, Denmark, Greece, Portugal, Serbia, Colombia, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Finnland and Australia.

The focus for the YPSI to offer this seminar is broadening the spectrum of nutrition education to supply trainers, coaches and all attendants with a wider base of knowledge and tools to educate and coach their clients to faster, greater and more efficient results in fatloss, mass gain, strength gain, athletic performance and overall wellbeing.

Having heard of Dr. Rakowski first the first time around 2007 during an youtube clip with an american rehab expert who quoted him with „the best solution for pollution is dilution“ and then having attended a seminar with Dr. Rakowski in 2010 and following his work ever since, he was on the top of my list to bring this seminar to the YPSI audience. A outstanding depth of knowledge paired with intense enthusiasm is what he brings to the table.

There will be many things to learned this weekend. Three of the main ones are:

1. The Mindset of Change – Change starts in the brain. Change is a habit. With understanding why there needs to be change being one of the most fundamental motivators to create and sustain change. Therefore educating yourself and your clients is crucial for the mindset of change. And a mindset of change is the mindset of success.

2. Performance Nutrition and the Nervous System – when considering the nervous system and performance next to the brain, its the gut that needs to be considered. The gut, specifically the gut microbiome, which is the collective of all microbes living in the intestines, and there are quite a few of them, needs to be considered when approaching performance nutrition and the nervous system with a progressive strategy.

3. Food and the Acid Alkaline Balance – the Acid Alkaline Balance is a topic thats been around for a long time. From a nutrition perspective it matters. Only half way though. Detailed numbers and examples will show why Acid Alkaline Balance is overrated by many, but still underrated by most.

There will be much more to take away this weekend as Dr. Rakowski has supplied over 400 power point slides alone from which the seminar manual is created from.

Combing a functional approach to nutrition tailored to sports is a missing link in the daily work of many coaches and the daily life of many athletes. A missing link that the YPSI Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar will supply.

All the Best to all the Participants taking away and applying the Knowledge!

Picture: A Sneak Preview at the manual of the YPSI Functional Sports Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Bob Rakowski.

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