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YPSI Online Coaching (English)

YPSI Online Coaching (English)

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Do you want to make more progress in training?

Or are you even frustrated because you are making little progress in training?

You want to invest your training time well?

Then YPSI Online Coaching is exactly what you are looking for.

The two main reasons most people don't progress in training are poor program design and poor exercise execution.

The YPSI Online Coaching focuses on structured program design at the highest level and exercise execution, which we correct and optimize individually for each participant.

How it works

After booking the first month of online coaching, you will directly receive an email. This includes, among other things:

- The first block of training programs
- A guide to nutrition
- A guide to supplementation
- A guide to Periworkout nutrition
- An info sheet for coaching the exercise execution and video upload
- And some more information

The individualization of the training programs

The first block of training programs is identical for everyone, depending on the training frequency.

Because the first block is an important assessment block for us, in which we determine how up-to-date your muscular balance & biomechanics, your work capacity and your neuromuscular development is.

An assessment that gives us much more insight than a one-time assessment at the beginning, which is often still the case, yet which we have not done at YPSI for over 10 years. Neither in personal nor online coaching, as single assessment lacks the data and insight that a 3 to 4 weeks of training give.

This first block is an important foundation and of coursein addition to the goals you have, determine all other training programs.

The coaching of the execution of the exercise

You make videos of yourself training and send them to us.

We comment on each of your exercise videos and give you precise feedback to optimize the exercise execution.

The execution of the exercise is always optimized step by step, taking into account your current exercise execution and your individual biomechanics.

We coach you individually and personally - almost like personal training.

With more time flexibility, less commute and financially lower obligations than  personal training.

Communicating with our online coaching team

The YPSI Coaching Team is there for you from Monday to Friday (except public holidays).

We answer 99% of all emails in less than 24 hours.

You need this equipment for Online Coaching

You need the following equipment, which bascially every regular gym has, to run the training programs:

- Rack with pull-up bar
- Barbell and plates
- Dumbbells
- Adjustable bench
- Cable pulley
- 45° Back Extension

With ongoing coaching, other equipment, such as a leg curl machine, can also be part of the program, but we will coordinate this individually.

Because online coaching places the primary focus on strength training, this list is non-negotiable.

Is there a contractual obligation?

There is no binding contract. The online coaching can be canceled every month by sending us an email or by clicking the "cancel subscription" button in your customer account.


If you have any questions about our online coaching, then check the FAQs here


Email us here

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