Before’n’After #103 Files – Luca Leimgruber

Before’n’After #103 Files – Luca Leimgruber

The intent of the Before’n’After Files is to give more insight into the training, nutrition and supplementation of our clients Before’n’After successes.

This time it’s Luca Leimgruber’s 9-week transformation in which he lost 12,8% body fat. These 9 weeks included 5 days of the Strength and Mass Holiday and as he had to take 5 days of from training to heal the new tattoo on his left forearm. 

A sample day during Luca’s journey to this transformation looked like :

A full day of eating

7:00 Wake up
¼ Tsp. Himalayan Salt
Shot of Lime juice

7:30 Meal 1 – Breakfast
2 smoket trout filets plus a quarter of a avocado
2 Caps MultiKomplex
4 Caps ChlorellaKomplex
1/2 Dropper Vitamin D/K Komplex

09:30 Meal 2 – Snack
A hand full of sunflower seeds
A bowl of Raspberries
Double Espresso

11:00 – Training

Meal 3 – PeriWorkoutNutrition

Intraworkout Shake
10g AminoElektrolytKomplex
Filtered Water

Postworkout Shake
80g Riceprotein
1 pack Potassium Citrate
Filtered Water

13:00 Meal 4 – Lunch
250g Chicken, grilled
A bowl of green beans mixed with 50g of basmati rice
2 Caps MultiKomplex
4 Caps ChlorellaKomplex

15:30 Meal 5 – Snack
250g ground beef
A bowl of courgette and tomatoes

19:00 Meal 6 – Diner
250g sliced beef
A mixed salad
2 Caps MultiKomplex
4 Caps ChlorellaKomplex

21:30 Meal 7 – Bedtime Meal
250g chicken
50g basmati rice and some spinach 

22:00 Bedtime
4 Caps Magnesium Kapseln
1 Scoop Inositol plus Magnesium

Foods are rotated daily, ie. he would have beef patties instead of trout for breakfast, salmon instead of chicken for lunch and turkey instead of beef for diner. The vegetables are also rotated every day.

A day of lifting

A1 Pullup, pronated, mid grip, 6 sets of 2-6 repetitions, 5010 Tempo, 120s rest

A2 Flat BB Benchpress, mid grip, 6 sets of 4-8 repetitions, 5010 Tempo, 120s rest

B1 45° Incline Curls, supinated, Fat Gripz,  6 sets of 4-8 repetitions, 4010 Tempo, 100s rest

B2 Dips,  6 sets of 4-8 repetitions, 4010 Tempo, 100s rest

His training program was changed every 6 workouts which is every 3 weeks since he trained 4 times per week on an Upper/Lower split.

All the Best with your own Before’n’After Transformation!

Picture: Luca’s Transformation in pictures.

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