How to clean the YPSI Tool

How to clean the YPSI Tool

You want to use your tool for a long time? Then maintain it properly!

The YPSI tool is manufactured 100% in Germany. Highest precision and many years of experience in wood processing make it unique. Its made from regional wood, in this case pear, to guarantee the best possible quality. For the protection and the intended use the wood is oiled several times. Oiling is (again) an absolute quality feature. For the furniture industry, however, this process is extremely time-consuming and therefore reluctant to use. Oiled furniture is particularly advertised and is extremely expensive. But also the correct oiling is a small art for itself.

We use a natural oil based on flaxseed oil from a Swabian company in several steps. This oil meets the highest safety standards in Germany, as it is also used for children’s toys and is verified with the important seal of approval „sweat- and saliva-stable“ (DIN 53160-1:2010-10).

Since the YPSI tool or wood is antimicrobial by nature and can easily change in colour, it should be maintained regularly and properly. During massage or scraping, the wood may appear somewhat paler. However, this is only a visual impression, because the function and positive properties of wood are completely preserved.

At this point it should be mentioned that we only recommend the following points for the care of the YPSI tool.

Important, please do not use a disinfectant spray on the wood!

The optimal care of the YPSI tool:

1st Place goes to the natural natural products salt and lemon. Wipe the tool with sufficient salt and lemon. Done! Both have an antibacterial effect and thanks to the lemon your tool gets a beautiful shine again.

2nd place goes to the tried and tested household remedy „soda powder“. At the moment it is celebrating another big revival and is used as the care and cleaning agent par excellence. It is cheap to buy and easy to use. Simply rub the tool with soda powder and wipe with lemon again. Done.

3rd Place and thus bronze goes to a damp cloth. If it has to go fast and you have neither salt nor lemon at hand, take a damp cloth and wipe your tool briefly. Important, your cloth should be damp and not wet.

Finally, you can oil the tool at regular intervals – 1 to 2 times a year when using it as a PT for a couple minutes every day. Give your tool the finishing touch and instead of tipping your linseed oil into the salad, take 1-2 drops and rub it evenly into your tool. Important: don’t take too much flaxseed oil and wipe it off with a dry cloth after 1-2 minutes. Done!

Follow the tips to maintain your YPSI tool and you will be able to achieve excellent results with it for many years while it still looks great!

More information about the YPSI Tool and its optimal use to optimize mobility and stability can be obtained directly at a YPSI Tool Seminar.

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Picture: The YPSI Tool with some salt and lemon.

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