The YPSI Arm Holiday

The YPSI Arm Holiday

Who follows the english articles on this is already familiar with the YPSI Squat Holiday

The Squat Holiday is a short, high-feequenvy training program that calls for 18 squat workouts in 6 days. Thats 3 workouts per day for almost a week. The body will react to this shorterm overreaching with potentiated growth on the base of hard workouts, proper sleep and plenty of good food during the 6 days and in the week after to facilitate the super compensation.

The Squat has become more popular over the last years, its still not as popular as the Biceps Curl. Especially in males bigger arms are the goal. Curls are the tool. So for everyone that wants a fun week of training and boost the growth of the arms I have adjusted the Squat Holiday to the logical consequence of the Arm Holiday.

The Arm Holiday consists of 4 different programs which are rotated over the course of 6 days which calls for 2 workouts per day for a total of 12 workouts in 6 days.

The Programs are: 

Day 1, 3, 5

Workout 1 – morning
A1 45° DB Incline Curls, supinated grip, 8×2-4 4010 120s
A2 BB Behing the neck Press, standing, 8×2-4 4010 120s
B 65° DB Incline Curls, neutral grip, 4×4-6 4010 150s
Workout 2 – afternoon
A1 DB Curls, seated, supinated grip, 4×6-8 4010 45s
A2 EZ Bar Flat Bench Triceps Extensions, pronated, close grip, to the forehead, 4×8-12 4010 45s
A3 75° DB Incline Curls, supinated grip, 4×6-8 4010 45s
A4 DB Flat Bench Triceps Extensions, neutral grip, 4×8-12 4010 45s

Day 2, 4, 6

Workout 1 – morning
A1 EZ Bar Scott Curls, pronated, shoulder width grip, 8×2-4 4010 120s
A2 BB Flat Benchpress, shoulder width grip, 8×2-4 4010 120s
B DB Scott Curls, unilateral, supinated grip, 4×4-6 4010 150s
Workout 2 – afternoon
A1 SZ Bar Curls, standing, pronated grip, 4×4-6 4010 15s
A2 SZ Bar Curls, standing, supinated grip, 4×6-8 2010 180s
B1 Dips, 4×6-8 4010 15s
B2 EZ Bar Flat Bench Triceps Extensions, supinated, shoulder width  grip, to the forehead, 4×8-12 4010 180s

Note: there should be 4-6h in between Workout 1 and Workout 2. Die first workout of the day has to be done before noon. The second workout of the day has to be done before 6pm.

During the 6 days of the Arm Holiday you need to consume plenty of protein to fuel the increase in proteinsynthesis from the high training volume. In numbers thats about 2g protein per kg bodyweight for a female and 3-4g protein per kg bodyweight for a male. Depending on the individual body fat level you also need to add some good carbohydrates at night such as rice, potato and quinoa. As well as Postworkout carbs for males below 10% body fat. And you need to get your full night of sleep which starts with falling asleep between 22 and 23 every night.

All the Best and Bigger Arms with the YPSI Arm Holiday!

Picture: Harder Arms – WBFF Pro Daniel Harder during the Before’n’After Bootcamp Seminar in November 2015.

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