Three Principles for Success as a Personal Trainer

Three Principles for Success as a Personal Trainer

Being a Personaltrainer for over 10 years, running my own Personaltraining gym for 8 years, having produced results with a very wide variety of clients from general population to World Champions and teaching the methods and systems I use since 2012, I consistently get asked for advice on how to become a successful personal trainer. Based on the principle of „Do as I say AND do as I do“ here three principles to become a more successful trainer that I have used to great extend for the last 10 years:

1. Get results, be of value. – the definition of success varies a lot. For some its a 200kg Squat. For some its getting below 10% bodyfat. For some loosing 10kg on the scale. And for most is just feeling better in their body having more energy and life quality. At the end, the trainers job is to support them to get them there. The more steps your clients make towards their goal the more successful you are as a trainer.

2. Its the client who defines the goals, not the trainer. – Trainers become trainers because of their love for training and their motivation to spread that love. All trainers are fascinated by some extreme in training. A huge and strong Ronnie Coleman who won the Mr Olympia 8 times. Ed Coan who deadlifted over 400kg at under 100kg. A Bikini Model with 17 million followers in instagram. The sport science philosopher who can recite literature like poems. And so on. Yet, very few clients have these goals. Their goals are simpler. And their goals are determined by themselves. Listen to them. And get them to were they want to go. As thats whats makes them happy and successfull.

3. Progression is the name of the game. Do today what others copy tomorrow. – Protein has fulfilled the same tasks in 1954 as it does today. And the biceps has been in the same anatomical position for a while. Yet the industry of personal training is just in his teens. And its progressing like a teen. Figuring out what works. And what doesn’t. So as a trainer, if you just started out or you work and live this job for 10+ years, do the same. As Bruce Lee said: Use what works. Don’t use what doesn’t.

Apply these principles in our work. Apply them consistently. As success is always build on repeating what works.

And in case you are not a personal trainer these principles can be transferred to any other industry, too.

All the Best applying these Principles for more Success!

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Picture: Publishing my books as a result of 8 years of constant and progressive work was definitely one of the major accomplishments of my success as a personal trainer, yet. 

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