YPSI Handbook – Improve your Arms – Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

This is a excerpt from the „Frequently asked questions“ Chapter of the „Improve your Arms“ Ebook

Can I add the „Improve your Arms“ program into Push/Pull split?

Yes, only if you train on six days per week which is what few have the time and recovery for. I recommend the „Improve your Arms“ program to be done on an Upper/Lower Split with 3 to 4 Workouts per week.

The „Improve your Arms“ program does not include much shoulder and back work, can I add this in?

The „Improve your Arms“ program is a 6 phase specialization routine for the development of the arms. Hence I recommend to focus solely on this for these 6 phase which are 18 to 24 weeks. You have only one butt so you can ride only one horse. Choose the horse well. Then get the most out of it. Then choose a different horse.

Can I do the“Improve your Arms“ program while working regular hours?

Of course, the program calls for two 1 hour workouts per week plus 2 lower body workouts per week of your choice such as the „Improve your Squat“ program.

Do I have to stick to all given details of the „Improve your Arms“ Programm?

Yes, stick to all details as outlined. Changing small factors can change the outcome and results of the „Improve your Arms“ program. Its like buying a car and just leaving the steering wheel.

Can I train the „Improve your Arms“ program three times per week instead of two?

The simple answer is: Yes. If you manage to increase load or reps every given workout. Most do not have the time and recovery to manage that.

How long is the „Improve your Arms“ program?

The „Improve your Arms“ program consists of 6 phase of 6 workouts each. Assuming you train twice per week its 18 weeks. Assuming you train three time in 2 weeks its 24 weeks.

The program doesn’t contains any chinups and pullups. Can I add them in?

Yes, the programs contains no compound exercises for the elbow flexors for specific reasons outlined in the functional anatomy chapter.

Chinups or pullups are great exercises. This is not the „Improve your Chinups“ program, though. This program is tailored for the maximal development of bigger, stronger arms. In another book of the „Improve your…“-series I will cover the chinups and pullups. For this 6 phase program its all about arm development.

Can I do the „Improve your Arms“ program in my home gym?

Yes, depending on the equipment you have at home. What you need is:

–   Power Rack

–   Barbell and Plates

–   Dumbells

–   Adjustable Bench

–   Scott Bench or Preacher Bench

Iam on the road a lot, can I do the „Improve your Arms“ program in a hotel gym?

Yes, depending on the equipment the hotel gym has. What you need is:

–   Power Rack

–   Barbell and Plates

–   Dumbells

–   Adjustable Bench

–   Scott Bench or Preacher Bench

As a female, can I still do the „Improve your Arms“ program?

Yes, of course. The „Improve your Arms“ program can be completed by male and female. In case the goal is to get bigger and stronger arms.

Can I train twice per day during the „Improve your Arms“ program?

Yes, you can. If you have the time training arms twice per day is one of the fastest ways to make them grow. Use the workout of the phase you are as the morning workout which is done before noon. Then take the afternoon program from the Arm Holiday chapter and do it as the second workout of the day which should be finished before 6 pm.

All the Best to „Improve your Arms“!

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