YPSI Functional Neurochemistry & Program Design Seminar in Amsterdam

This Post is written in english, since this event will be held in english.

Wolfgang Unsoeld is coming to Amsterdam to teach on advanced nutritional strategies and supplementation to optimize neurochemistry and advanced program design. All with the end goal in mind, to improve the compliance and results of your clients. From Wellbeing to Body Comp Transformations.

Click here to read more on Wolfgang’s approach to Body Comp Transformations.

As every YPSI Seminar its straight-forward, cutting-edge information that you can apply with clients the next day – to get them in shape even faster.

Contents of the seminar

· The main neurotransmitters and how they regulate the body

· Cutting edge nutritional strategies to improve your clients neurochemistry

· Cutting edge supplements protocols to improve your clients neurochemistry

· The effective assessment of your clients neurochemistry on a monthly base

· Applying neurochemistry to advanced program design in training for more individualized training programs and faster progress in training

· Sample training programs for different neurochemical constellations

Omnia Personal Training
Westerstraat 187
1015 MA Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Saturday, May 4th 2024, from 10 till 17
Sunday, May 5th 2024, from 9 till 15 

Regular price – 699 Euro plus sales tax
Early bird price – 499 Euro plus sales tax (valid with full payment until 4 weeks before the seminar) 

Incl. a detailed handout and digital certificate

To sign up email to wesley@omniapersonaltraining.amsterdam

*cancelations and refunds are not possible. The spot can be transferred at any time.