Before’n’After #104 Files – Ivan Simic

Before’n’After #104 Files – Ivan Simic

The intent of the Before’n’After Files is to give more insight into the training, nutrition and supplementation of our clients Before’n’After successes.

This time it’s Ivan Simic’s transformation who has almost become part of the inventory of the YPSI. After having started out as a Personaltraining Client he complete the YPSI Trainer A-Licence, did the Before’n’After Program and attended some YPSI Training Camps and ran through almost three Strength and Mass Holidays in a row – see here and here. He started at 92kg at 9% and eventually ended up at 110kg at 5%. During this time he focus on building size through strength and food. Training wise he made big improvements ending up at PRs of 241kg Back Squat, 160kg Close Grip Flat Benchpress, 140kg Incline Benchpress of 2 repetitions, Chinups with 40kg added weight and Dips with 60kg added weight.

A sample day during Ivan’s journey to his transformation looked like :

A full day of eating

5:30 Wake up
¼ Tsp. Himalayan Salt
Shot of Lime juice

6:00 Meal 1 – Breakfast
The usual YPSI breakfast. Some meat. Some fish. About 400g of it.
3 Caps MultiKomplex
2 Caps LicoriceKomplex
1/2 Dropper Vitamin D/K Komplex

8:00 – Training

Meal 2 – PeriWorkoutNutrition

Intraworkout Shake
30g AminoElektrolytKomplex
Filtered Water

Postworkout Shake
80g Wheyprotein
300g Maltodextrin
20g Creapure
2 packs Potassium Citrate
Filtered Water

11:00 Meal 3 – Early Lunch
400g Turkey, grilled
A bowl of green beans and half of a avocado
3 Caps MultiKomplex

14:00 Meal 4 – Late Lunch
400g Turkey, grilled
A bowl of green beans and half of a avocado

17:00 Meal 5 – Pre Dinner
400g Turkey, grilled
A bowl of green beans and half of a avocado

20:00 Meal 6 – Real Diner
400g Turkey, grilled
A  stack go gluten free pancakes with maple syrup
3 Caps MultiKomplex

22:00 Bedtime
8 Caps Magnesium Kapseln

Foods are rotated daily, ie. he would have beef patties instead of turkey with his meals. The vegetables and fat sources are also rotated every day.

A day of lifting

A1 Pullup, Mixed Grip, supinated/pronated, mid grip, 6 sets of 3-5 repetitions, 5010 Tempo, 120s rest

A2 30° Incline BB Benchpress, mid grip, 6 sets of  3-5 repetitions, 5010 Tempo, 120s rest

B1 45° Incline Curls, neutral, reverse offset grip,  4 sets of 4-8 repetitions, 4010 Tempo, 100s rest

B2 15° Decline EZ Bar Tricepsextension, close, pronated grip, to the chin, 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions, 4010 Tempo, 100s rest

C Dips, Challenge Set, 1 sets of max repetitions, 2010 Tempo

His training program was changed every 4-6 workouts which is every 2-3 weeks since he trained 4-6 times per week mostly on an Upper/Lower split.

All the Best with your own Before’n’After Transformation!

Picture: Ivan’s Before’n’After from the front.

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