Ask the Coach #3 – Muss es Himalayasalz und Limettensaft sein?

Ask the Coach #3 – Does it have to be Himalayan salt and lime juice?

"Ask the Coach" is a new column in which Wolfgang Unsöld answers your questions.

Question: Hello Wolfgang, I've been implementing your tip with the Himalayan salt and lime juice in the morning for a few weeks now and I've noticed a great change. More energy and I feel better. I did some research and you read a lot about Himalayan salt. Some positive, some not. Does it have to be the Himalayan salt or is another salt also possible? And a question about lime juice, does lemon juice work too? Isabel Mayer

WU: It doesn't have to be Himalayan salt. In fact, any salt that has a color will do. In principle, white salt would also work. However, I prefer salt with one color. There is the Himalayan salt, which is pink. Sea salt from Brittany that is grey. Black lava salt from Hawaii. And a few more. The main reason for the color is the spectrum of minerals in the salt. For example, the Himalayan salt primarily gets its color from the iron it contains. Salt is one of the easiest suppliers of minerals. There are smaller amounts of certain minerals such as magnesium and potassium in salt and it is certainly not enough to get your mineral needs from salt alone. However, there is a simple and efficient way to make a small contribution to optimal care. Himalayan salt is what I primarily recommend. Any other colored salt will work as well. I recommend Himalayan salt because it is most easily available in Germany. Availability is a big factor in getting a tip implemented by my clients and athletes. The easier and the shorter the paths, the higher the compliance. As for the lime juice, actually any citrus flavor works. Although they all taste sour, they are metabolized as alkaline in the body and thus have a positive effect on the acid-base balance. Experience has shown that lime juice has the best effect. Lemon is also an option. Even orange would work, but not in the form of a glass of orange juice, but by squeezing half an orange and then pouring the juice into a glass of water. Lime is my first choice. Gladly fresh. Optionally also as direct juice from a glass bottle.

Good luck with the variations of the Himalayan salt-lime water!

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