YPSI movement analysis & injury pre-/rehabilitation (module 5)

There are many methods and systems for movement analysis, assessment and screening of movement. Module 5 of the YPSI Trainer A license gives an insight into the variants that we use in the YPSI with our customers and athletes. As well as our approach of then implementing the results of these movement analyses, assessments & screens in practice to optimize muscular balance, mobility and stability as well as continuous training progress and reduce the risk of injury.

Content of the seminar

Movement Analysis, Assessments & Screening

– The most important, practical and efficient tests in a training scenario for flexibility, mobility and stability of the main joints
– Methods to optimize flexibility, mobility and stability based on the results of the applied tests
– Real World vs. Theory – Which methods lead to the fastest improvements in flexibility, mobility and stability in the real world

Videos of all tests are available in the online part (to which each participant has 18 months access), in addition to the practice in the live part on site in the YPSI Videos in the. For an optimal and temporally flexible preparation and follow-up of the seminar. All participants go through all tests and exercises/techniques in small groups during the live part on site in the YPSI for an optimal learning effect.

Injury prevention and rehabilitation

– Optimal exercise selection and periodization of rehabilitation for back, knee and shoulder injuries
– Case Study Rehabilitation – Exercise Selection and Periodization
– Optimal supplementation and nutrition to maximize recovery and minimize recovery time
– Optimum pre-rehabilitation of the most common injuries such as biceps/supraspinatus tendonitis, back pain, groin irritation, cruciate ligament tears, hamstring and quadriceps muscle fiber tears, and more

All exercise groups, strategies, example training programs and other measures are discussed in lectures in the online part. For an optimal and temporally flexible preparation and follow-up of the seminar. They will also be treated again in practice in the live part on site at the YPSI.

Target group - personal trainers, athletic trainers, fitness trainers, sports students and physiotherapists who want to learn more about movement analysis and tests for flexibility, mobility and stability and the implementation of their results, as well as prehabilitation and rehabilitation through strength training from injuries and the optimization of supplementation and nutrition for maximum muscle growth, fat loss and want to learn how to optimize performance in sport

Your Personal Strength Institute, Reinsburgstr. 82, 70178 Stuttgart

Regular price (online & live) – 699 euros plus statutory VAT. (If payment is received from 4 weeks before the seminar )
Early bird price (online & live) – 5 99 euros plus statutory VAT. (If payment is received up to 4 weeks before the seminar )
Repeat price (practice part) - 299 euros plus statutory VAT. (For those who have attended the seminar before)

After the booking and the successful receipt of payment, each participant receives direct access to the theory part on the YPSI Online Education Platform . The theoretical part can be called up and viewed repeatedly by the participant at any time before and after the seminar.

YPSI Trainer A license upgrade package - includes the YPSI modules 4, 5 and 6 (online & live) as well as the YPSI Trainer A license exam - 2399 euros plus VAT. (Available for those who have already booked or completed the YPSI Trainer B license )

Incl. 18 months access to the online part, handout and certificate

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