The YPSI Trainer A license

The mission of the YPSI trainer license is to convey content efficiently, effectively and practically that enables success in training and in cooperation with customers.

We come from practice and thus convey content that has proven itself thousands of times in practice and is the foundation of the most successful trainers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and beyond.

The YPSI Trainer A license consists of these six modules:

Module 1Before'n'After Bootcamp Seminar

Module 2 - YPSI functional anatomy and exercise execution (incl. theory in the online part of module 2 )

Module 3 - YPSI program design (incl. theory in the online part of module 3 )

Module 4 - YPSI nutrition, hormones & skinfold measurement (incl. theory in YPSI online module D )

Module 5 - YPSI movement analysis & injury pre-/rehabilitation (incl. theory in the online part of module 5 )

Module 6 - YPSI sport-specific training & business (incl. theory in the online part of module 6 )

Final exammore information & registration here

With the successful completion of modules 1 to the YPSI Trainer B license and YPSI modules 4 to 6 and a final exam (100 multiple choice questions), the participant receives the YPSI Trainer A license, the YPSI Trainer A license certificate, Access to the YPSI Forum and is listed in the YPSI Trainer directory under YPSI Trainer A license .

Here you can also find more information about the entire YPSI Trainer license

What successful trainers say about training at YPSI:

I have a degree in sports science and have been a freelance personal trainer since 2009. I attended my first seminar with Wolfgang Unsöld in April 2012. It was also the first seminar that Wolfgang ever gave. Upon request by other coaches. This demand came about as a result of Wolfgang's successes with his customers, to whom I counted myself at that time. So I had already experienced first-hand that what he does works and I wanted to learn more about it so that I could transfer it to my customers, be able to provide them with better support and thus become even more successful in my job as a personal trainer.

I succeeded - and the content that is taught in the YPSI trainer licenses and the YPSI online modules had and still have a significant part in it. I've now worked with numerous clients, from unsportsmanlike office workers to professional athletes, helping them with their training, nutrition and recovery. I incorporated a great deal of what I was able to learn from Wolfgang Unsöld into my work. Simply because it works and successes can be produced with it.

Of course, I didn't only learn from Wolfgang. But what I can say is that I have never learned more anywhere and nowhere have I had better justification for what I have learned than with him. I can only recommend the YPSI trainer training to anyone who would like to continue their education, whether privately or professionally, in the field of strength and conditioning training and everything that goes with it. "

Philip Schmieder, - Diploma in sports science & YPSI A license trainer

" I am a 14-time state judo champion, YPSI-A license coach, founder of NHTC  & Creative Director of the Galaxy Fitness Club in Austria"

After I had six serious injuries behind me in 2015-2017 and wanted to join the world elite in judo as quickly as possible, I was looking for a trainer/mentor who would not draw attention to himself with advertising or marketing, but with RESULTS & SUCCESSES.

That’s how I came to Wolfgang in 2017.

Since then I have attended almost every seminar that Wolfgang has offered as part of his YPSI trainer license.

It quickly became clear to me that I had never had such practice-relevant content explained in any seminar as in the YPSI trainer licenses and the YPSI online modules.

After achieving my goal of becoming a better judoka, the goal grew beyond me as a person and expanded to help people achieve their goals as efficiently as possible. After "only" 3 years, I managed to do this very well thanks to Wolfgang's help.

In the meantime I have been able to look after around 500 customers in the last 3 years. From unsportsmanlike beginners to professional athletes and top managers.

My mantra since I met Wolfgang is = Stop Exercising. Start training. So stop moving. Start exercising!

The definition of training is the implementation of a structured training plan to improve performance.

I can recommend the YPSI trainer courses to everyone, whether privately or professionally. Everything Wolfgang says makes sense. Without Wolfgang I would never be where I am today. Thanks! "

Nick Haasmann, NHTC .at – CEO NHTC & Creative Director Galaxy Fitness & YPSI A license trainer

“My name is Ibrahim Karakoc, I am a four-time world champion in kickboxing K1 and hold numerous other titles. Among other things, I was four times European champion and seven times German champion. And I'm a YPSI A-license trainer with my own personal training studio.

Finding the right trainer is not easy. He should be sensitive enough to empathize with his protégé and tough enough to go through the training unconditionally. I had been looking for a long time and finally met Wolfgang at a seminar in 2015. He has been my coach and mentor ever since.

I have attended all of Wolfgang's YPSI seminars. He encouraged me to open my own personal training studio in addition to my martial arts school. I have been looking after numerous business customers and athletes there since 2016. A successful win.

What I appreciate about Wolfgang is that he doesn't come with flimsy specialist knowledge and simply throws theses into the room. His topics are received directly, the content is bursting with practical knowledge and, as is well known, knowledge is power. His success proves him right, he has brought numerous athletes and coaches to the top and led to success in his career.

coach, thank you Thanks to you I'm in the best shape of my life. You showed me ways and helped me to develop successfully, whether in sports, business or in things that fundamentally affect life. I'm already looking forward to what's to come. I especially look forward to spending time with you. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart.”

Ibrahim Karakoc, – 4-time world champion in kickboxing, owner of kickboxing Landsberg and personal training Landsberg & YPSI A-license trainer

Here you can also find more information about the entire YPSI Trainer license

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