YPSI Semi Private Internship (Modules 1-3)

This Post is written in english, as the YPSI Semi-Private Internship will be held in english.

You speak english and you are interested in the Methods and Systems that we use with our Clients and Athletes at the YPSI - to get them in shape the fastest and most efficient way possible, then this is for you.

Wolfgang Unsoeld will break down the base of our work within 4 days of lectures and workouts.

Module 1 - The Pillars of our Work

The initial Assessment on Day 1 at the YPSI - What we use. Why we use it. How we interpret and apply.
The 7 most underrated Factors - for maximal Before'n'After Results
6 Success Principles - of becoming a successful Coach and Personal Trainer

Module 2 - Functional Anatomy and Exercice Execution

Functional Anatomy and Exercise Execution - Lower Extremity
Functional Anatomy and Exercise Execution - Upper Extremity and Torso
What. How. Why. Detailed Explanation of all major lifts and their variations  -  Squat. Deadlift. Bench. Chinups.
Foot-, Elbow- and Hand-positions - and their effect on muscular recruitment
The most efficient exercises to optimize posture - from Neck Extension Training to Flexor Hallucis Longus Stretching

Module 3 - Program Design and Periodisation

Training-Parameters - how to structure exercises, reps, sets, tempo and rest within a training program for maximal progress and results
Short- and Longterm Periodisation - how to structure a series of training programs for maximal progress and results
Periodisation in Athletics vs. Periodisation in Fitness - what are the differences and their influence on maximal progress
The science of Micro-Periodisation - how to structure loads within a training session for different training effects
Incl. over 25 periodised programs

There will be one training session at the YPSI every day. Where YPSI Head Coach Wolfgang Unsoeld will put you through a typical program that we use with our clients and athletes - with the great results we got known for...

Lectures  (Online)

Module 2 Online Part – Over 5h of online lectures on all things functional anatomy and exercise execution divided in to the main sections of the upper and lower extremity

Module 3 Online Part – Over 4h of 0nline lectures on program design, training parameters, exercise selection and periodisation

The goal of the online lecture is to create a knowledge base to prepare for the days at the YPSI and as a guide for studying in the months after the seminar. Each spot booked will get a 12 month access to the online lectures.

This seminar will conclude in the YPSI Trainer B-Licence.

Every attendant will be certified upon completion of the YPSI Semi Private Internship.

Your Personal Strength Institute
Reinsburgstr. 82
70178 Stuttgart / Germany

How to get there
Frankfurt Airport (FRA) - 70 min by train
Stuttgart Airport (STR) - 20 min by train
Stuttgart Mainstation - 5 min by train

Where to stay 
Kronen Hotel
Hotel am Feuersee
Radisson Park Inn

Seminar Investment
Regular Price – 2399 plus sales tax (full payment within 4 weeks before the seminar)
Early Bird – 1999 Euro plus sales tax (full payment until 4 weeks before the seminar)

Incl. Water, YPSI AminoElektroytKomplex, detailed Handout and Certificate

The next dates

The next dates will be released soon as well a restructuring of of our English YPSI Trainer License which will receive more Online Content and a 5 day Intense Camp at the YPSI in Stuttgart to complete the YPSI A License. If you are interested, sent us an email below.

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