YPSI program design (module 3)

The design of training programs, as well as the structure of individual training programs on top of each other, is one of the most crucial aspects of training, especially strength training. Both are crucial to make continuous progress in training. For faster body fat reduction, as well as the development of hypertrophy, functional hypertrophy, maximum strength and explosive strength. This module deals in detail with the aspects of program design and periodization.

Content of the seminar

Theory Part – Online Lectures
– What, how, why – Training parameters: sets, reps, pace and rest
– Structure and design of a training program – A series, B series, C series, etc.
– Various training splits and their use
– An introduction to periodization, the structure of training programs on top of each other
– Influence of training age, gender and goal on the choice of training parameters
– Microperiodization – the structuring and selection of the optimal training weight

Practical part - on site in the YPSI
- Set/rep schemes for fat loss, muscle gain, functional hypertrophy and relative strength
– Optimal exercise selection based on status and goal
- Over 20 periodized example programs for all muscle groups
– Q&A on program design & periodization

Access to the lectures of the theory part will be completely online immediately after completing the registration for the seminar. Access to the theory part is activated for 12 months after booking. The lectures can be viewed at any time from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. Completing the theory part is a prerequisite for attending the practical part at the YPSI.

The practical part takes place on site in the YPSI. On this day, the structure and design of training programs as well as the periodization of training programs will be discussed in detail and illustrated with examples. The practical part also offers enough time for all questions from the participants.

target group
Personal trainers, athletic trainers, fitness trainers, sports students and physiotherapists who want to learn more about structured and result-oriented program design in strength training,

Your Personal Strength Institute
Reinsburgstr. 82
70178 Stuttgart

Regular price (online & live) – 649 euros plus statutory VAT. (If payment is received from 4 weeks before the seminar )
Early bird price (online & live) – 54 9 euros plus statutory VAT. (If payment is received up to 4 weeks before the seminar )
Repeat price (practice part) - 199 euros plus statutory VAT. (For those who have attended the seminar before)

YPSI Trainer B License Package – includes YPSI Modules 1, 2 and 3 (Theory & Practice) – 1497 euros plus statutory VAT.

Incl. 18 months access to the online part, handout and certificate

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about YPSI seminars here

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