YPSI nutrition, hormones & skinfold measurement (module 4)

If you want to learn more about innovative, success-oriented strategies in the areas of nutrition, biochemistry, optimization of hormone balance and neurotransmitters in order to achieve maximum progress in the shortest possible time, register for the YPSI Nutrition, Hormones & Skinfold Measurement seminar on.

The YPSI skinfold measurement & analysis - as well as the optimization of nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation based on it.

The #1 seminar on this topic, with a high level of practical relevance for everyone who is interested in nutrition, supplements, skin fold measurement and hormone balance and wants to take their knowledge to the next level.

And every trainer who wants to reduce body fat with his customers as quickly as possible, as well as build up muscle mass and maximum strength, as well as optimize their well-being and performance.

Content of the seminar

Online part – lectures
– The basics of biochemistry
– The digestive system
- The immune system
– The hormonal balance
– The nervous system
– The cardiorespiratory system
– The detoxification system
– The amino acids
- The vitamins
– The minerals & trace elements
– The methylation
– The lymphatic system

The theory part of the YPSI Module 4 seminar consists of the 12 lectures of the YPSI Online Module D – Biochemistry for personal trainers . Each lecture lasts between 30 and 90 minutes. All lectures must be completed before attending the practical part at YPSI.

Live part – on site at the YPSI
– Workshop on YPSI skinfold measurement – ​​How and where do I measure the wrinkles?
– The YPSI skinfold measurement & analysis – theory & practice of analysis and application in everyday personal training
– Detailed supplement protocols for the individual priorities of the YPSI skinfold measurement
– Nutritional coaching based on the YPSI skinfold measurement
- From the initial check to before'n'after success - detailed overview of anamnesis, analysis and corresponding strategies
- YPSI Green Week - a fat loss plateau buster
- The YPSI Gut Cleansing Protocol - a step-by-step approach to a fitter gut, more energy and faster fat loss

The practical part of the YPSI Module 4 seminar takes place live on site at the YPSI. During the practical part there is enough time for all questions from the participants on the topics of the seminar and their application in practice.

target group
Personal trainers, athletic trainers, fitness trainers, sports students, nutritionists, ecotrophologists and physiotherapists who want to learn more about intelligent and success-oriented nutrition strategies and the use of the YPSI skinfold measurement for maximum fat loss and muscle building and maximizing physical and cognitive performance

Your Personal Strength Institute, Reinsburgstr. 82, 70178 Stuttgart

Regular price (online & live) – 1499 euros plus statutory VAT. (If payment is received from 4 weeks before the seminar )
Early bird price (online & live) – 11 99 euros plus statutory VAT. (If payment is received up to 4 weeks before the seminar )
Repeat price (practice part) - 499 euros plus statutory VAT. (For those who have attended the seminar before)

After the booking and the successful receipt of payment, each participant receives direct access to the theory part on the YPSI Online Education Platform . The theoretical part can be called up and viewed repeatedly by the participant at any time before and after the seminar.

YPSI Trainer A license upgrade package - includes the YPSI modules 4, 5 and 6 (online & live) as well as the YPSI Trainer A license exam - 2399 euros plus VAT. (Available for those who have already booked or completed the YPSI Trainer B license )

Incl. 36 months access to the online part, handout and certificate

YPSI Software for Skinfold Measurement & Analysis - Upon completion of YPSI Module 4, participants also have the option to purchase the license for YPSI software for skinfold measurement & analysis directly at the seminar and at a later time of their choice. The YPSI software for skinfold measurement & analysis is designed to evaluate and manage the data of the YPSI skinfold measurement. Especially for trainers with a larger customer base and regular measurements, we recommend the YPSI software to manage the evaluation and administration of the data professionally and efficiently. The booking of the YPSI software is optional and can be decided by each participant himself based on the needs of his work.

You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions about YPSI seminars here

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