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YPSI Online Module D - Biochemistry for Personal Trainers (3 year access)

YPSI Online Module D - Biochemistry for Personal Trainers (3 year access)

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Do you want to understand the body better?

Then there is no way around biochemistry.

Biochemistry is the science of all metabolic processes in the body.

A bachelor's degree in biochemistry lasts 3 years and is too inefficient and unspecific from the personal trainer's point of view.

That's why there is now YPSI Biochemistry for personal trainers online module, which efficiently and practically summarizes the most important and relevant content from 3 years of biochemistry studies in 12 lectures, especially for personal trainers.

The lectures of this YPSI online module deal in detail with cellular metabolic processes, micronutrients such as minerals, vitamins and trace elements and their function, all amino acids and their function, hepatic biotransformation, the immune system, methylation and much more...

Why biochemistry?

Biochemistry is the science of chemical processes in biology.

Our human biochemistry regulates what happens at the cellular level.

Among other things, it regulates how much energy we have, how quickly we recover and how well we sleep.

Biochemistry explains our hormones, our neurotransmitters, our immune system, liver function, intestinal function and also amino acids, minerals, vitamins and more...

The better you understand biochemistry, the easier it is to optimize the body.

you want to learn

Online lectures are an important complement to live seminars...

Live seminars are valuable and interactive. In the last 8 years I have held over 300 live seminars for thousands of participants in over 26 countries around the world. Here you can find some of the group pictures from these seminars .

Online lectures are the next step and a valuable addition. They are faster, more efficient and definitely more flexible.

That's why I launched the YPSI Online Education Platform in 2019.

With the goal of raising the knowledge and competence of personal trainers and strength coaches worldwide to the next level.

From science to practice.

Biochemistry can be a very dry subject.

And often has too little transfer to training, nutrition and success in the real world.

The aim of this module is to put the most important aspects of theory into practice in the simplest and most effective way.

In a way that is easy to integrate while being as close as possible to the dynamics of the real world.

This online module bridges the gap between the laboratory and the lecture hall of a university, the kitchen and the gym...

"Your biology is your biography."

Biochemistry regulates the body at the cellular level.

And so your biochemistry determines who you are. And what you can become.

Hormones regulate muscle, organ and gland function.

Neurotransmitters regulate the brain and nervous system.

The immune system regulates regeneration from training.

And much more... The main goal of this online module is to take training and nutrition to the next level by optimizing biochemistry.

Take your biochemistry knowledge and skills to the next level today and register here...

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3 years after the first access to the lectures, this expires automatically.

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