Ask the Coach #8 – Omni Training mit Fat Gripz

Ask the Coach #8 - Omni Training with Fat Gripz

"Ask the Coach" is the column in which Wolfgang Unsöld answers your questions. The book of the same name will be released on February 13, 2017. You can pre-order it right here on Amazon.

Question: “Hi Wolfgang, I ordered Fat Grips a while ago and wanted to ask how I can best incorporate them into my training? Greetings, Philipp Schmidt"

WU: Hi Philipp, there are many ways and methods to integrate the Fat Grips into your training. One method I really like is using Omni Training.

Note: Fat Gripz are a tool used to increase the circumference of the grip of any dumbbell or barbell. At YPSI we have 2 different sets of dumbbells. One with a 2 inch circumference and one with a 1.75 inch circumference. Both diameters are significantly larger than that of a standard dumbbell. An article on "3 reasons that speak for thick handles here" will follow in the coming weeks. You can get Fat Gripz from Amazon right here.

Omni Training is a method for advanced trainees who are looking for variation in their training and who want to set new stimuli.

The term "omni" in this context means that the grip changes every set. The Fat Gripz are a tool that can be used to increase the diameter of a barbell. The diameter of a conventional dumbbell or pull-up bar is approx. 2.5 cm. The Fat Gripz have a diameter of 5.7 cm. This circumference makes the bar harder to grip, leading to increased muscle activity and increased grip strength training.

Alternating between Fat Gripz and the conventional grip results in a potentiation of the CNS (Central Nervous System), as you first have increased muscle activation through the Fat Gripz and then use more weight in the next set without the Fat Gripz due to the easier grip can, which makes the weight for the Fat Gripz seem lighter again in the sentence after next.

This method is ideal for training the extensors (stretching muscles) because the grip strength there is not as limiting as with the flexors (bending/pulling muscles).

The program:

A1 Dips, Omni Fatgripz/Normal 6×2-4, 5010, 120s

A2 pull-up, tight, neutral, 6×2-4, 5010, 120s

B1 LH Standing Neck Press, Omni Fatgripz/Normal, 4×4-6, 4010, 100s

B2 Row, seated, with rope, to the neck, 4×6-8, 3011, 100s

At A1 and B1 there is a change between the normal grip and the grip with Fat Gripz.

Do this workout a total of six times in three weeks. The training goal is to increase the maximum weight and reduce the difference between fat grip and normal grip within a phase.

Good luck with Omni Training with Fat Gripz!

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Picture: YPSI student Aleksis Batric does omni training at the YPSI Semi Private Internship in May 2016 and performs dips with and without Fat Gripz.

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