Before’n’After #116 Interview – Florian Keller

Before'n'After #116 Interview – Florian Keller

Florian Keller came to the YPSI for a squat day at the beginning of the year. This was followed by modules 1 to 3 of the YPSI Trainer B license. Then he used the YPSI Online Coaching program to transfer the time up to the initial check of the Before'n'After program. With a lot of enthusiasm for new things and some advanced methods, he has made constant progress since starting the program 5 months ago.

During these 5 months he came to Stuttgart every 3 to 4 weeks for a check-up, which included the YPSI skinfold measurement as well as the fine adjustment of his diet and supplementation and a new training program for strength and interval training. In those 5 months, as shown in the pictures above, he lost 7.5% body fat and gained over 3kg of lean mass. And that with a constant body weight of around 100 kg.

Always looking for new approaches for new successes, despite a 60-hour work week, he is a very good example of the "experiment, observe, analyze" approach, more on that in the coming days. More on that in this Instagram post .

More in Florian's words about his success here:

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your everyday life

My name is Florian Keller. I am self employed. My everyday life is characterized by desk work, meetings and telephone calls. It's easy to lose balance and neglect important areas of your life. Consistent routines & my love for sports help me to stay balanced.

How did you come across the Before'n'After program?

That was a process. I first came across Wolfgang through an interview with Flowgrade. I'm inspired by people with clear, controversial opinions, so he drew me in straight away. I devoured his books and went through his "Strength & Mass" holiday. The results were amazing. So I decided to follow the rabbit deeper into the burrow and see what else was waiting for me there. So I started the YPSI Online Coaching program at the beginning of the year and then the Before'n'After with Wolfgang in the summer.

Which sport did you do before the Before'n'After program?

weight training! Hard to believe given my "before" picture, but I've even competed in a bodybuilding competition in the past. At the start of Before'n'After I came out of a deep "physical" depression for exactly this reason. The competition, the long diet and the eating disorder I developed to get below 6% body fat had completely destroyed my eating habits. Wolfgang helped me get back on track and to a healthy self-image. Thank you Wolfgang!

What motivated you to start and follow the program?

unfolding! If there's one thing that drives me, it's that. Freedom is doing the things you set out to do every day. The motivation was - and is - to create the person I want to be. Anyone who is 1% better every day than yesterday will be twice as good in 100 days as today.

How did your sleep develop during the program?

gorgeous! Before I met Wolfgang, I was addicted to “entrepreneur madness” and had crazy productivity routines. Wolfgang helped me get my already high stress level under control. Relax! Don't beat yourself up.” I learned that from Wolfgang.

How did your energy level develop during the program?

It got more balanced! I have a very high energy level by nature. However, it was early so that I had my peak state especially in the morning. Wolfgang helped me to keep my maximum level of performance longer throughout the day and to stay in the flow.

What was the biggest change for you? 

Breakfast! I was a big advocate of intermittent fasting. After an initial adjustment phase, I then simply noticed how much the right breakfast can reduce stress and keep my energy level constant.

What's your favorite breakfast?

Iberico neck steaks! Nutty and full of flavor from my trusted butcher.

How often and for how long did you train?

Strength training four times a week and outdoor sprint training twice a week. A session lasted an hour on average. Say, 6 hours a week.

What is your favorite exercise?

pull-ups! Hard to believe! I can't tell you how long I hated & avoided this exercise. With my 100 kilos I always felt it as hell! At this point, let me tell you one of my greatest lessons: where the resistance is greatest lies the greatest potential!

Have you also done endurance training to lose fat?


What is the reaction of your environment to the change in the last few weeks/months?

Let me quote my friend Christian Schmidt – doctor & Vice European Champion in bodybuilding: “Boah Flo ey! You've gained quite a bit, haven't you? So I say you've never had the mixture of plumpness and definition? Looks brutal! Compliment.

And what happens now?

Forward! The foundation has been laid, now it's time to build a monument! My goal is to combine performance & well-being to create the best version of myself. The next B&A phase is on and I promise you one thing - I'll put a good shovel on it!

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