Before’n’After Interview #13 – Frederick Lüthcke

Before'n'After Interview #13 – Frederick Lüthcke

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your everyday life

When I started at Wolfgang, I was on the way to getting my high school diploma. I was also in preparation for my 2nd European Championship. So my everyday life consisted of a lot of rugby and a lot of school.

Now I'm studying Aerospace in Daytona Beach, Florida. Here my everyday life consists of a little school, a little rugby and a little gym. Don't overload yourself in sunny Florida. Even though I no longer have the incentive of a European championship, I still enjoy going to the gym and Wolfgang's plans are still making very good progress, despite my easy-going attitude. And my energy level is still very high.

How did you come across the Before'n'After program?

Phillip, a trainer at my gym, recommended Wolfgang to me.

Which sport did you do before the Before'n'After program?

Rugby and 6 months of strength training.

What motivated you to start and follow the program?

I was injured after my first European Championship and therefore a bit out of shape. That's why I wanted to make the preparation for the following European Championship much more intensive.

How did your sleep develop during the program?

I slept much better and it was much easier to get up in the morning.

How did your energy level develop during the program?

I had a lot more energy, both in the gym and on the field and especially at school.

What was the biggest change for you?

The diet was very difficult at first; but the goal in front of the eyes created discipline and today it is everyday life.

What's your favorite breakfast?


How often and for how long did you train?

4 hours a week. For extreme success, 6 hours over 8 units over the summer.

What is your favorite exercise?

front squats.

Have you also done endurance training to lose fat?


What is the reaction of your environment to the change in the last


It's extreme. Everyone sees it, not just athletes who study the body.

And how is it going for you?

Keep training and stepping on the gas, even if I no longer have the honor of playing for Germany.

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