Before’n’After Interview #81 – Oliver Schuppien

Before'n'After Interview #81 – Oliver Schuppien


Personal trainer Oliver Schuppien from Osnabrück has attended 6 seminars at the YPSI in the last six months and after the first seminars, in addition to the theory and practice of the seminars, he also decided to take the practice of the Before'n'After program directly with him and has every further seminar with a checkup at YPSI Head Coach Wolfgang Unsöld connected….

First 13 Week Results – He gained 6.0kg lean mass and reduced his body fat percentage from 12.6% to 8.0% – Excellent…

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your everyday life

OS: I come from Osnabrück and last year I became self-employed as a personal trainer with the Body Concept Osnabrück. Before that I worked as a physiotherapist for a few years. In addition, I led the athletic training with the football professionals at VfL Osnabrück for 7 years.

How did you come across the Before'n'After program?

OS: Initially, I read some articles on the YPSI blog. After deciding to take part in the YPSI training series, I really wanted to complete a Before'n'After program.

Which sport did you do before the Before'n'After program?

OS: I played table tennis from a young age until the end of my physical education studies. I haven't played any sport seriously in recent years.

What motivated you to start and follow the program?

OS: I was curious and just wanted to see how quickly things could change.

How did your sleep develop during the program?

OS: I always sleep about 7.5 to 8 hours. My sleep has become much deeper.

How did your energy level develop during the program?

OS: My energy levels are consistently high. In the morning I am fitter and full of energy.

What was the biggest change for you?

OS: A lot, a lot of food!!!

What's your favorite breakfast?

OS: I don't have a favorite. I like the scrambled eggs just as much as the ground beef!

How often and for how long did you train?

OS: I trained four times a week. Each session lasted approximately 45 to 60 minutes.

What is your favorite exercise?

OS: Pull-ups with supinated and neutral grip.

Have you also done endurance training to lose fat?

OS: No!

What is the reaction of your environment to the change in the last few weeks/months?

OS: Family, friends and acquaintances have noticed that I've gotten a little bigger. They say it suits me. Some people are very interested in knowing how the changes came about.

And what happens now?

OS: I'll keep going. I would like to get to about 90 kilograms and also reduce my body fat a bit...


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