Before’n’After Interview #92 – Peter Böhm

Before'n'After Interview #92 – Peter Böhm

Tell us briefly about yourself and your everyday life

Servus, I'm 30 years old and I'm a professional MMA fighter and work as a studio manager at the FT-Club Augsburg. I also have a 35-hour industrial job. This means that my days are quite stressful and scheduled, the alarm clock goes off at 5:40 am and I come home at 10:00 pm. In between it means working, training, organizing, giving training, training again and off home.

How did you find out about the BnA program?

I became aware of Wolfgang through Peter Sobotta's B'n'A, then I looked at and read everything there was to know about him and then it was clear I would register for the modules and let myself be coached!

What sport did you do before the BnA program?

Martial arts, of course, but I've also enjoyed doing strength training, but never in such a well-structured and targeted manner. Also, as I now know, I've put way too much time into cardio.

What motivated you to start the program and go through with it?

Well, the pictures and performances of the other YPSI athletes speak for themselves, plus the healthier diet and lifestyle...if that's not motivation enough!!!

How did your sleep develop during the program?

My sleep was good and deep before, but often too short. Now I make sure to go to bed earlier, which has a significant impact on my recovery.

How did your energy level develop during the program?

My energy level is much better, morning tiredness has become the exception and the afternoon sags are history.

What was the biggest change for you during training?

Not training so much volume was strange at first that strength training was over after 45-60 minutes.

What was your favorite breakfast?

Roast beef or beef meatballs.

How long and how often do you train?

3 times a week 1 hour strength training, 3-4 hours grappling, 3-4 hours boxing and 3-4 hours MMA.

What is your favorite exercise?

Definitely squats and pull-ups!

Have you done endurance training to lose fat?

Only what is included in MMA training.

What is the reaction of your environment to the change in the last few weeks/months?

Consistently positive and some want to do it now. Some just look stupid while eating.

And what happens now?

My next MMA fight is coming up, so keep training and winning. After that, I'd like to take a squat vacation over Christmas. And next year I'll start again in MMA. And as a trainer, I finish the A license and bring everyone who comes to me into the form of their lives.

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