Before’n’After Interview #94 – Jessica N.

Before'n'After Interview #94 – Jessica N.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your everyday life

I'm 24 years old, I work in purchasing and I'm studying part-time for a Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). My day starts at 05:30 with a glass of water with lime juice and Himalayan salt. Then breakfast and off to the gym. I prefer to go to the gym in the morning because I have more energy before work than after work. And the fitness studio is relatively empty and you can concentrate better. After the work day, there is time for classes, then I study for the MBA and prepare for the next day. And I always go to bed before 10:30 p.m.

How did you come across the Before'n'After program?

I wanted to lose weight and ultimately feel better and more confident. After my friend Enric Molla, who is now also a YPSI B-license trainer, did the skinfold measurement seminar in February, I started the program with him. The results of the first 2.5 months were very good and then he recommended that I continue with Wolfgang from May. To lower my body fat percentage even further.

Which sport did you do before the Before'n'After program?

Before the Before and After program, I did all sorts of classes like Zumba, Spinning, BBP, Body Power, etc. at the gym. I also ran 10 km in between. However, running has never been fun for me. And in the end it was all to no avail.

What motivated you to start and follow the program?

My long term goals: to get my six pack (still on it), build muscle, look fitter, feel good and why not compete in the future. Something that has always motivated me are the small successes that I have seen in the meantime, especially the clothes, pictures and the feedback from those around me.

How did your sleep develop during the program?

I've been sleeping a lot better since starting the program. In less than 5 minutes I fall asleep now and I sleep through the night.

How did your energy level develop during the program?

The energy level has gotten much better. Before the program my energy level was very low, I felt very weak. Without strength. With the supplements, the change in diet and of course the training, I now feel great again.

What was the biggest change for you?

The Free Meal. In the past I've always felt bad if I didn't eat the right things (but I did anyway J). With Wolfgang I had one free meal (including dessert) per week. On Tuesday I already started thinking where, what, how, when. I could eat whatever I wanted and not feel bad. fantastic.

What's your favorite breakfast?

difficult question. Can't decide on one, but I'd say two eggs with extra egg whites, coconut oil and some cherry tomatoes. The beef burger with fresh raspberries isn't bad either.

How often and for how long did you train?

4 to 6 times a week, 4 times strength training between 45 - 60 minutes each and 2 times sprints between 20 - 45 minutes each.

What is your favorite exercise?

Simply! Squats in all variations! After doing squat day and squat vacation, I can say even more that squats are my favorite exercise. I also like to do pull-ups, but I can't do that many at the moment.

Have you also done endurance training to lose fat?

No, only sprints.

What is the reaction of your environment to the change in the last few weeks/months?

Very positive. I have full support from my boyfriend. I wouldn't have made it without him. My family and friends have wondered how you can stay motivated for so long and sometimes they've given me funny looks when I've eaten differently.

And what happens now?

My next goal is to get my body fat down to 10% and keep building muscle for maybe competing in the future. So full throttle!!

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