Before'n'After #37 - Rahell Omer

Before'n'After #37 - Rahell Omer

K1 fighter Rahell Omer from the Kim martial arts school came to the YPSI 6 weeks ago to get fit for his first professional fights, to get rid of his constant elbow, knee and sleep problems and, above all, to get his endurance in shape. After a complete overhaul of his sleeping and eating habits, as well as 4 units of structured, result-oriented strength training per week, he is physically in top form:

Sleep - fall asleep quickly, almost always sleep through, fit in the morning

Elbows and knees - fully resilient

Endurance - 5 laps of 3 minutes are no longer a problem (and without a single running session)

Body fat - from 13.2% to 5.8%

Muscle mass - up 4.5kg (Body weight reduced from 84.9kg to 82.0kg. He fights in the weight class up to 82.0kg)

Current status - top form

Goal - the first belt
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