Before'n'After #67 - Thomas P.

Before'n'After #67 - Thomas P.

The ambitious amateur cyclist Thomas P. came to the YPSI 4.5 months ago because he wanted to improve his performance on the bike with structured, progressive strength training and optimized nutrition

With great success, as the current performance check with personal best values ​​shows

Sprint over 5s = 20% more power
Sprint over 20s = 26% plus
Max pace over 1min = 42% plus
Max over 5 min = 9% plus
lactate threshold equal

Along the way, he's increased his squat power by 75% to 80kg for 6 reps, reduced his body fat percentage from 13.3% to 5.4% and gained 5.6kg lean mass for a bodyweight change from 60.9kg to 61. 7kg.

For a sport like cycling, building relative strength is crucial. Relative strength means strength in relation to body weight, ie. Get stronger and build strength without gaining body weight.

At YPSI, we attach great importance to the fact that strength training and optimizing nutrition is crucial for more - than chest and biceps for clubs and outdoor pools. Thomas is an excellent example of using strength training and optimal nutrition very successfully for his sport....
Thomas P. is now doing LH squats with 80kg for 6 reps and pull-ups with 20kg for 4 reps...
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