Books to read during the Corona Days

Books to read during the Corona Days

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Gyms are closed around the world. Home training is limited. Trainers are home.

Fear is a brain killer.
Learning and productivity are brain-makers.

As John F Kennedy once said:

"When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters —
one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity."

Since myself, most trainers and many others have a few quiet weeks ahead, work-wise, time to tackle some other projects.

And one of my main recommendations is: Read books you didn't take time to read yet.

You'll easily be able to collect 100 hours for that in the next few weeks. Start by reading only 4 hours every single day.

After I initially posted this suggestion on social media I get some questions about what books I recommend. These are my favorite ones during the Corona Days:

The Black Swan by Nassim Taleb

The Corona Crisis is a Black Swan. A Black Swan is a highly improbable event with three principal characteristics: it is unpredictable; it carries a massive impact; and, after the fact, we concoct an explanation that makes it appear less random, and more predictable, than it was. The astonishing success of Google was a black swan; something 9/11. For Nassim Nicholas Taleb, black swans underlie almost everything about our world, from the rise of religions to events in our own personal lives. Next to structural insights, he gives his thoughts on to deal with Black Swans to get the most out of them. Get it here

The Everything Store by Brad Stone

In these days e-commerce is bigger then ever. And when we talk e-commerce, we need to talk Amazon. Amazon started off delivering books through the mail. But its visionary founder, Jeff Bezos, wasn't content with being a bookseller. He wanted Amazon to become the everything store, offering limitless selection and seductive convenience at disruptively low prices. This book tells the story of Amazon and Jeff Bezos from Day 1 until today. One of the best business books I have ever read with many pearls taken away. Get it here

Agile Periodization by Dr. Mladen Jovanovic

I met Malden 2 years ago when we spoke at the same conference in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Him and Nick Winkelman were the ones who put me on reading and listening to Dr. Jordan Peterson's work. Which I found to be quite refreshing. As refreshing as reading Mladen's views on periodization, the planning of training, especially from a conceptual and philosophical standpoint. Get it here

Stop reading the News by Rolf Dobelli

I read Rolf Dobelli's essay on "The News Diet" years ago and it made a profound impact on me. In 2013 Rolf Dobelli stood in front of a roomful of journalists and proclaimed that he did not read the news. It caused a riot. In this book he sets down his philosophy in detail. To sum it up in a few words: Consuming News is a destructive waste of time. These days, this approach is more important than ever before. Get it here

Undisputed Truth by Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson is the one boxer than transcended into pop culture and mainstream. And this book tells his life's story. The ups and downs, his mental approach to boxing and yes it tells many hilarious stories. Laughing is good for the immune system. That's a bonus these days. This is one of the best autobiographies I have ever read. Get it here

Readers are leaders. Investment Legend Warren Buffet spent about 80% of his working hours reading. And Powerlifting Legend Louie Simmons said one of the best tips he can give anyone about training and getting stronger is "read more". If you are an avid reader or not. Now its time to invest the extra hours that freed up.

Don't be paralyzed. Get going. Start reading.

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