The Squat Day

The Squat Day

One of the main factors that holds most trainee's progress back is perfect exercise execution and technique.

Which directly creates one of the main challenges of every Strength Coach and Personal Trainer – to teach your clients and athletes perfect exercise execution and technique that is sustainable.

"Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."
Vince Lombardi, legendary NFL coach

One year ago I went to Tenerife for vacation. One of the main advantages of a vacation is to get out of the everyday business to analyze the business, identify challenges and find solutions to overcome them.

In the weeks before this trip I had the recurring problem of poor squatting technique in clients who only come for consultations every 3-4 weeks. Poor means the depth is a low half squat rather than a full squat and the 4010 Tempo looks like a 2010 Tempo.

So the question to myself was:

"How can I teach a client, who only comes every 3-4 weeks, doesn't live close enough and doesn't have the budget for regular personal training sessions, how to train properly."

Especially in the squat. As the Squat is one of the most technically demanding exercises. After the basic cues of elbows under the bar at all times and go all the way down – and all the way down means all the way down, you think you squat low, statistically you don't – there are many details, foot- , knee and pelvic position, spinal alignment and of course not only technique is needed for optimal exercise execution you also need optimal mobility and strength in all muscular links and kinetic chains.

Back to Tenerife – the question still was:

“How can I improve these clients Squat efficiently and sustainably from a technique and mobility/strength standpoint?”

The solution is the YPSI Squat Day – a 1 day event – ​​where the main focus is to teach, coach and improve my clients Back Squat. And give them a great day of training….

How is the Squat Day structured?

The Squat Day is split into ten 30-minute segments. Each segment consists of 15-20 minutes of training and 10-15 minutes of stretching/soft tissue work – to combine the optimization of technique and mobility/strength.

The Squat Day Workouts look like this

10:00 briefing

10:30 Workout 1 – BB Back Squat – 5×4 5010 180s

11:00 Workout 2 – BB Back Squat, heels elevated – 5×4 7010 180s

11:30 Workout 3 – BB Back Squat, heels elevated, paused – 5×4 4210 180s

12:00 Post-workout shake

12:15 Lunch

13:30 Workout 4 – BB Jump Squats – 5×4-6 10×0 120s

14:00 Workout 5 – BB 1 ¼ Back Squat, heels elevated – 5×4-6 4010 180s

14:30 Workout 6 – BB Back Squat, heels elevated – 5×4-6 4010 180s

15:00 Workout 7 – BB Back Squat, wide stance – 5×4-6 4010 180s

15:30 Workout 8 – BB Back Squat, paused – 5×4 4210 180s

16:00 Workout 9 – BB Back Squat – 5×4 5010 180s

16:30 Workout 10 – BB Back Squat – 5×8-12 3010 120s

17:00 Postworkout Shake – and walk home like John Wayne…

Work up to one heavy set on all workouts – except Workout 4 where you just use the empty bar 

Throughout the Squat Day at the YPSI stretching/softtissue work will progress from selfstretches to passive stretches to assisted stretches, where my sister Katharina Unsoeld , a Level 3 certified Stretch to Win Therapist will stretch each individual participant based on their individual limitations to improve their Squat .

During the Squat Day

During the first Squat Day we held at the YPSI, there was no YPSI AminoElectrolyte Complex yet. Due to cramps 3 guys weren't able to finish the Squat Day. One Squat Day later I introduced the YPSI AminoElectrolyte Complex and everyone was able finish the Squat Day.

Lesson learned: Drink plenty of Aminoacids and Electrolytes during the Squat Day to maximize performance, manage fatigue and avoid cramps….

After the Squat Day

– You need to have carbs the evening after the Squat Day. I prefer gluten free options such as jasmine rice, mashed potatoes and oatmeal. These gluten-free options are great to minimize inflammation, replenish glycogen and facilitate recovery. A dessert is ok, too...

– 4g protein per kg bodyweight per day in the days after the Squat Day are crucial to optimize protein synthesis and recovery

– Add 4-6 YPSI Magnesium Capsules before bed to your supplement regime to optimise recovery and deal with soreness

– Depending on the max weight used and total volume lifted, squats can be done again 5 to 10 days after the squat day – you might add in some remedial work or deadlifts in that time

The most dominant performance at 1 of the 6 YPSI Squat Days held so far, was Ivan "Quads" Simic - his thighs are actually 1cm bigger than German Track Cyclist Robert Foerstemanns - he did 240kg for 4 reps as max weight and did all 50 sets with 151kg or more – thats roughly 45 tons lifted within 6 hours….

The goal of the Squat Day is to improve your Squat, set you up for increasing your PB in the weeks after and to push the limits of your training….

You can do this day yourself, with friends and clients and use modalities likeYPSI Tool or MyoRelease to improve mobility and strength….

50 sets of squats a day is a great experience….

Progression is the name of the game…. Thats why we will do YPSI Front Squat Days next year….

All the Best with the Squat Day!

For more info on the Squat get the YPSI Handbook – Improve your Squat

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