The Task of the YPSI Training Camps

The Task of the YPSI Training Camps

"In theory there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.”

To get the most out of any educational experience, theory must be combined with practice for optimal information retention and a maximum learning effect.

With seminars on training that means next to understanding training, program design, training parameters, periodization and exercise selection one also needs to experience the training. Even with the YPSI Seminars which are set up to give the most practical experience possible already, experiencing theory in practice is a necessity. One of my favorite examples is 10 sets of 10 reps of back squat. A very simple program. At least every second time I give this to a client the response is something like "thats it?". After you done 10×10 on Squats for the first time, you have experienced that what looks simple and easy on paper, feels quite hard and demanding in practice. This cannot be taught in a classroom. This has to be experienced in practice.

This is why the YPSI Trainer License has a high practical component. During the German Module 1 there are 4 workouts in 2 days. During the english Modules 1 to 3 which are covers in the 5day YPSI Semi-Private Internship there is 5 workouts in 5 days.

On top of this we have done multiple YPSI Camps where we had guest speakers such as Florida Gators Strength Coach Preston Greene and Therapist Dr. Peter Lundgren. They were the most practical and advanced experiences as they contained 10 lectures and 10 workouts in 5 days in a small group setting with limited spots.

As you we always strive to improve the service and seminars we provide one factor that was obvious during these camps is the limiting effect of fatigue on the learning experience both in theory and practice. Basically by Wednesday afternoon all students reach a low. The cognitive fatigue from the daily multi-part lectures on various topics with a lot of new methods, concepts and tools plus the physical fatigue from training twice a day takes a toll. Basically everyone gets too fatigued to get the highest possible knowledge retention and the highest possible training drive. As efficiency is key, we needed a solution to improve this.

The solution was to cut these camps – where lectures and training are combined – and replace them by training-only camps and seminars before and after them. And add a very important component - soft tissue work. Which is basically scheduled as a theory-practice-theory sandwich. On two consecutive weekends we have two regular seminars on Saturday and Sunday. And in the week in between we offer a YPSI Training Camp from Monday till Friday. Two workouts per day plus one hour of soft tissue optimization with Dr. Peter Lundgren per participant per day. Every day in between these three hours the participants have off to relax, recover, eat, nap and network with the others. Ten workouts in one week. Ten different training systems. Over 20 exercises that we use with our YPSI Clients and Athletes all the time. For all muscle groups. To get the most out of the practical experience. And have a great week of training.

And to learn the most in theory and practice to get the most out of your own and your clients training – which is the number one task of every trainee and trainer.

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All the Best to get the most out of the YPSI Training Camp!

Picture: Adam Ceslik from the Czech Republic observing Dario Di Giovine from Switzerland during Squats at a YPSI Training Camp.

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