Dopamin – Der Neurotransmitter für Motivation & Antrieb

Dopamine - The neurotransmitter for motivation & drive

Of all the neurotransmitters, the chemical messengers in the nervous system, dopamine is the one that is the source of our mental power and energy. Dopamine creates electricity that controls volitional movements, our intelligence, abstract thoughts, personality & future plans.

It acts like a natural amphetamine and modifies the overall energy of the brain. Dopamine also influences metabolism and our digestion.

Dopamine is crucial for drive and motivation. And thus crucial for performance in sports, as well as performance and progression in training.

Dopamine deficiency manifests itself, among other things, in listlessness. You keep putting things off, you don't feel like doing it today. postpones everything until tomorrow and has no interest in training.

A lack of dopamine is also an important indicator of overtraining.

To increase dopamine, you should do heavy weight training, play chess, or study something. The rest of your lifestyle also has a significant impact on dopamine elevation or depletion.

Supplements and certain foods can not only help you with sleep, energy levels, drive and performance at work and in sports, but also provide the raw material for neurotransmitters.

Dopamine is one of four neurotransmitters that play a major role in training, performance and recovery. You can find out more about the other three key neurotransmitters acetylcholine , GABA and serotonin by clicking on the links.

In order to guarantee maximum progress and optimal performance, it is therefore crucial to include the field of neurotransmitters in one's work as a trainer.

In July, the YPSI Functional Nutrition for Neurotransmitters will take place as part of the English week, which will give an in-depth look at the practical application of the interplay between nutrition, nutrients and neurotransmitters from the perspective of the personal trainer.

Image: The chemical structural formula of dopamine.

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