10 Gebote für Rocker

10 commandments for rockers

Guest post from YPSI customer and Way to Bodhi guitarist MP

Lateral thinkers inevitably attract: Wolfgang caught my eye in the gym because right from the start he knew more than all the trainers put together: he gave other, better, more targeted tips. I was the first customer whose skin folds were measured - and he is still my health advisor. So far he has resolved every complaint. Since taking his supplements I have never been sick. And that's despite the fact that I'm a rock guitarist, so I have a penchant for an unhealthy lifestyle. In order to endure the tough stage show in the long run, I worked out my personal 10 commandments with Wolfgang:

1st Commandment - Eat meat for breakfast
Nothing with fag and coffee: every morning immediately after getting up there is meat. I'll sear up some salmon or chicken - or I'll gobble up last night's leftover roast beef. The classic breakfast egg also works in between. Since I've taken this to heart, I'm no longer a morning grouch and have a lot more energy to start the day.

2nd Commandment - No beer

No gluten also means no beer. That's really hard for a rocker - but in return the joint pain is gone. These have accompanied me throughout my life without a doctor being able to help. Now they're gone, I can play my guitar better, headbang harder and jump higher. And instead of beer, I drink schnapps.

3rd commandment - More fat

More fat sounds like more McDonalds. fail! I take the healthy, i.e. good oils for frying or for the salad. And in dairy products, the highest fat content I can find - for example Greek/Turkish yoghurt with 10 percent fat. Carbohydrates are only available at the last meal, i.e. in the evening. And after the gig as a schnapps.

4th Commandment - Allow a woman to bend it

Once or twice a month I let Katharina stretch with me - when a woman makes out with me, that's always great. But Katharina tops them all! She corrected my pelvic misalignment, released blockages in my shoulders and neck and drastically increased my mobility on stage. In addition, the recovery effect is huge.

5th commandment - No white coats

As a guitarist in a rock band, I put extreme strain on my hands when practicing and playing, and on my neck when headbanging. The orthopaedist was never able to eliminate pain – Wolfgang, on the other hand, was always able to. He has the right treatment ready for everything. I prefer his holistic knowledge to the focused view of a doctor.

Commandment 6 - Work faster but shorter

Rockers are lazy? Then they are unsuccessful. I work a lot – and sometimes far too long. But the change in diet brought extra energy; so I can concentrate better and longer. This way I can do the same amount of work faster and no longer have to work late into the night. There's more important things to do.

Commandment 7 – Be lazy more often

The Californian surfers I was with for a while taught me “hang loose”. And that also applies to rock'n'roll: the stressful everyday life and on tour needs a counterpoint. I regularly concede this to myself by doing nothing. Then I read, for example – from the hands of a lady. Or I can have something read to me.

8th Commandment - Last longer in bed

Sleep and Rock'n'Roll? Yes, because I need mega energy. For a while I was way too psyched to fall asleep and ended up only sleeping 4-5 hours. Since I've been taking the right supplements after my last meal, I've fallen asleep much faster - and regenerate much better.

9th Commandment - Heavy Metal

I wouldn't be able to get through our show without hefting some heavy metal (four times a week split two). I change my training plan every 3 weeks, primarily train large muscle groups. I value the complete range of motion and emphasize the negative phase. On tour, I warm up before every show with push-ups and standing jumps.

Tenth Commandment - Good Boy, Bad Boy

The 80/20 rule says: 80 percent of my life is strictly healthy - and 20 percent of what I do is what I want. In this way, I make sure that despite all the discipline, there is no shortage of fun. Of course, I'm not going to spread any tips about unhealthy living here. Just this much: I'm dealing with a hell of a lot of Rock'n'Roll.

MP is the guitarist and bandleader of Way to Bodhi (pronounced: wei tu Boudi, German: way to enlightenment). Way to Bodhi (WTB) have been on stage with international bands and are known in the scene for their heavy, sweaty live shows. The band calls their style German Force, experts speak of alternative rock.

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